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BJ3: Just to make sure “you all” saw this...That’s the GOP-controlled congress to be sure...GOP Fails to Pass Measure to Prohibit the Administration from Recruiting Illegals Into the Military

From: audree lynn...If these Senators want to lose their jobs due to their own actions, so be it. To start dismantling our GOD given rights is ludicrous, but then we don't seem to have too many bright people right now in Congress...
From:  John...Let's get this straight folks. If the GOPe cave, this is the beginning of the end of our rights and Constitution. They would give Ovomit what he wants, no guns for us.  For those who do not understand what the term 'assault rifle' is this will help.  The definition of assault rifle is anything that is semi-automatic. That would include even a little 22. Also, some jurisdictions define revolving cylinder shotguns as assault weapons and pistol grips, whether rifle, shotgun or pistol....
From: sherzieve...Less than 14 minutes.  Please watch.  Christian Pastors Adopt Sharia Law

From: Jenny...VIDEO: Trump Defends Guns And Calls Orlando Shooter “SOB” At Rally… Crowd Goes BALLISTIC

BJ3: Must be a typo...we think it should read “scare he can take it all the way”.

From: Jenny...
DreamWorks-Netflix Children’s Show Warns Kids About Evils of Trump Wall
From: Dave Bertrand: Friends and Associates:  This comes from G. Edward Griffin, a well known guest on many radio shows, has now uncovered an incredible story that is the smoking gun of what the government is up to with our 2nd Amendment.  This story is breaking on a weekend and will be white-washed by Monday with (IMO) the jail house suicide by hanging of this patsy that turned himself in, prepared (and instructed) to kill many at gay events in Florida and California.   He was promised to live, according to his handlers, but because the Orlando shooting didn't turn-out that way, Mr. Howell turned himself in for immediate protection.   The FBI responded immediately to the police station and have taken-over the matter, plus forcing officers to change their story.
From: Sher Zieve...Folks, if ever there were a MUST READ, this is it!  Virtually the entire US government appears to be in on the schemes against We-the-People, in order to remove ALL of our rights...and quickly.  If the Second Amendment goes, so do the rest of our rights...and then us...

From: Rob E...McCain Defends Obama Against Impeachment For Benghazi, FIRE THIS RINO NOW
From: sherzieve  
Sharyl Attkisson: Media Distorting Facts to Serve World Elites at Levels Never Seen Before By Dan Riehl, BREITBART...Sharyl Attkisson talked to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle Friday about her new show,Full Measure with Sheryl Attkisson, as well as current events and an extremely disturbing trend. Elites have become adept at controlling media narratives, going so far as to ostracize reporters who “veer” from a particular narrative: “It’s certainly happening here in the United States,” said Attkisson.
From: Jenny...
Brexit Threatens To Topple World Government /Islam

From: Jenny...Challenger Kelli Ward: John McCain Is Directly Responsible for the Rise of ISIS

From: Jenny...
Hopefully Ryan is next! .....Obamatrade cost GOP congressman his job...
Exclusive: Curtis Ellis highlights success of Trumpian challenger in Virginia...!

From: Jenny...FLASHBACK: Paul Ryan Fully Funds Obama’s Visas for 300,000 Muslim Migrants in Single Year
From: Jenny...
Islamic Refugee” With Gas Pipeline Plans Arrested in New Mexico Border County
From: Sher...Sounding--and being proved--more and more every day like this was and is yet another ObamaGov gun-grabbing "incident"...From: Dave Hollenbeck.....Doctor listed on psych-evaluation carried out on Omar Mateen by G4S says she never saw him and was not living in Florida at the time it was conducted
From: Sher Zieve.....Orlando is run by Democrats and has been for years.  The Orlando Airport has a "prayer room" for Muslims that was so elaborately furnished and funded ($250.000) that it's correctly called a mosque.  Florida now has 7 Sanctuary Counties....
BJ3: Do notice all the “Catholic” entries here...From: Rob E     ALERT: Obama's Islamic Jihad Army Enters Texas!
From: Rob E   DHS Security Advisor Laila Alawa Openly Hates America, Praised 9/11
From: Buzz Andee...Commentary...Gun Control / Walmarters can not believe sights / NO MONEY from Banks /
   Maybe, with the job cuts, (personally, at the bank, cut the too many managers with high paying jobs), it should not be too awfully long before even the nitwits, the former employees of WalMart and the like, realize their jobs are gone because of Obama and HRC/Biden politics..we just might see a huge turn-around toward Trump as he continues to campaign on job creation and of course, job loss due to this administration's hatefulness toward all Americans that are not Progressives aka: liberals, idiots and mentally defunct!  Did any of you see where M and Ms,  I think that is a division of Hershey's which is a division, I  believe of Mars, or is it reversed..oh well, anyhow, 3200 jobs coming back before the first of the year...guess they may be listening to what will happen to them if Trump gets in.  Also, anyone notice that HRC has come out with Trump's idea of how to handle corporations that leave the USA?  Yep, the Donald spoke first about it and now she is using it..heah Donald, this is plagiarism. (no link)

From: charlite...
From Ruth S. King - -  
[My comment: All of Western Europe plus all of American liberals are 'STUCK ON STUPID.' - - -  Question of the Day, of the Month.........of decades yet to come: How would it be at all possible to 'revert to norm,' since the New Norm is now 'Lie Down And DIE' before the thunderous hooves of these 21st century barbarous hordes from the East.............galloping Sharia is expanding exponentially and unimpeded (even 'welcomed'!!)  throughout Judeo-Christian European societies that have successfully resisted the same maniacal assaults for 1400 years, but now lay supine as they rapaciously take control as victorious conquerors. That's the reality of 'the New Normal.' - CB]
A Month of Islam in Germany: May 2016 Sharia Police, Erdogan Burgers, More Mass Rapes

AG Lynch Dropping The Gun Control HAMMER!

BJ3: Absolutely correct, Sharon, as I think we still have the original VHS on that. O’Lielly said what you said...and then held up the CoLB which had the certification number blocked out, making that paper totally invalid as stated at the paper’s bottom.

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