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Submitted by: Life Legal Defense Fund

Below: In blatantly-biased political move, pro-abort California Attorney General Kamala Harris has invaded David Daleiden’s home — to seize evidence that incriminates Planned Parenthood! The COVER-UP is turning into a STRONG-ARM OPERATION! Life Legal needs your help!

If you’ve been following the news for the past year, you know about David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

You know that David and the CMP have released video after video proving that Planned Parenthood exchanges “fetal tissue” for “valuable consideration” — that is, that the abortion giant SELLS BABY BODY PARTS FOR MONEY!
PP’s “Dr.” Mary Gatter offers a “less crunchy”
way of killing organ-rich, profitable babies.

(The videos further prove that Planned Parenthood will alter the abortion procedure in order to deliver the baby body parts in demand — a horrifying violation of medical ethics even according to abortion-friendly “ethicists”! Plus, Planned Parenthood admits to doing partial-birth abortions — which constitute a crime in federal law!)

You also know that Planned Parenthood’s allies in the media and in politics have been fighting tooth and nail to discredit the revelations already made — and to shut down further revelations. . . .
  • Planned Parenthood commissioned a bogus “report” from a shadowy political operation calling itself “Fusion GPS. . . .”
  • Stem Express — PP’s partner in the baby body part trade — immediately sued David and CMP. . . .
  • The National Abortion Federation also sued — wailing that revelations about PP’s ghastly and illegal activities might cause dangerous image problems for “abortion providers. . . .”
  • PP itself sued, following NAF’s lead. . .
  • Pro-abort officials in Harris County, Texas, brought trumped-up criminal charges against David and his colleague Sandra Merritt. . . .
In other words, the pro-aborts are in panic mode. They have tried and are trying every dirty trick in the book to escape the consequences of their actions. . . .
But the latest attack against David Daleiden is like something from a Communist Bloc dictatorship of fifty years ago!

With the feeble excuse of trying to “prove” that David taped abortionists as they admitted to serious crimes — something everybody already knows — the pro-abort Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, actually sent her agents to invade David’s home and seize his property!

What she seized incriminates Planned Parenthood, not David — and that’s the whole point! Harris and her pals are desperate to stop David from revealing more evidence against the abortion mega-corporation!

Kamala Harris doesn’t just have a sick ideological reason to use strong-arm tactics against David Daleiden! She also has a personal motive!

Harris has received at least $81,000 from the nation’s largest baby-killing conglomerate — and she owes the baby-killers at least $81,000 of special consideration. It’s payback time, pro-lifers, and Kamala Harris is not about to let her cronies down.
Pro-abort A.G. Kamala Harris exchanges
smiles with pro-abort President Obama.

Left-wing atheist types love to tell the world that public officials must avoid even the “appearance of impropriety.”

But such lofty commandments are immediately aborted when the sacred precincts of Planned Parenthood are threatened!

The Los Angeles Times — also completely in the tank for Planned Parenthood — just went on record as supporting Harris’s payback to her contributors. “Impropriety? What’s impropriety?” the Times seems to ask. . . .

Rage Against David Daleiden Is a Good Sign. . . .

The furious urge to crush David Daleiden at any cost is actually a good sign. Despite their smug grins, the pro-aborts are still running scared over what David and CMP have revealed. . . .
  • Alternative media such as talk radio and the blogosphere are zeroing in on Planned Parenthood’s criminal activities as never before!
  • Congress and many state legislatures are continuing investigations into PP’s illegal marketing of baby body parts!
  • Ten states have already cut off funding for PP — though the abortion giant is crying in court to get its public funds back!
That’s why the pro-aborts need to destroy David. If they let him continue, it’s the end for them. . . .

Raid on Daleiden’s House Part of a Coordinated Strategy!

The pro-abort attacks on David Daleiden aren’t spontaneous actions on the parts of individual officers or organizations. They are part of a coordinated strategy. . . .

Not one of them, taken by itself, would be enough to achieve Planned Parenthood’s goal of covering up their wrongdoing.

With your help, David’s defense team — led by Life Legal’s own Katie Short — can meet any challenge the pro-aborts hurl at David.

So the pro-abort strategy is to overwhelm David’s defense — not with strong arguments or valid applications of the law, but with the sheer volume of attacks that have to be met. They mean to stretch us thin — then strike repeatedly till they break us!

They’re counting on their unbelievable financial advantage to make it impossible for David and his team to fight back. They figure that they can outspend us till we have to cry uncle.

The pro-aborts have oceans of blood money to use against David. Planned Parenthood has a strategic multi-million dollar fund set aside for a battle just like this one!

What’s more, PP receives millions and millions in public funds — your tax dollars and mine! — and doles out their big bucks to public officials like Kamala Harris.

In contrast, though our talented attorneys typically donate their valuable time free of charge, we rely on the contributions of supporters like you for all other expenses required in David’s legal defense. Planned Parenthood’s bigwigs regard us as a small-time operation. . . .

What they don’t know is that we don’t have to match them dollar for dollar! If we can match them dime for dollar — or even penny for dollar! — we can beat them. Our case is that much stronger than theirs. . . .

We Need Your Help!

Please . . . won’t you help Life Legal foil Planned Parenthood’s plans by defending David Daleiden. . .?

Considering the pro-aborts’ new attacks, we at Life Legal estimate that we need to raise $85,000.00 by June 30th in order to go to bat for David — while attending to our other vital pro-life commitments.

Please . . . could you contribute $50, $100, or even $200 toward this essential goal?

Because we are up against abortionists who charge for their grisly “procedures,” receive copious government subsidies, and then peddle baby body parts for extra bucks, we are especially seeking gifts of up to $1,000 from pro-lifers who can afford to consider such sacrificial generosity.

But we would be truly grateful for any amount you could afford to send.

What Planned Parenthood Wants You to Do. . .

Remember: Planned Parenthood’s strategy isn’t to depend on strong legal arguments to stop David Daleiden and CMP. It isn’t to depend on principled enforcement of any law.

Backed by the whole abortion cartel, PP isn’t depending on anything like that. Rather, PP is counting on an expanding combination of actions to overwhelm David’s legal team.
  • Allies in the press will continue to propagandize on PP’s behalf.
  • Multiple lawsuits — three and counting! — will absorb limited pro-life resources.
  • Bogus criminal charges will make things even harder on David and CMP.
  • Corrupt officials like Kamala Harris will harass David in order to help cover up PP’s crimes.
PP has been bankrolling a lot of officials for a long time. And now PP is calling in all its favors.

Your part in their strategy is simple. All you have to do to help Planned Parenthood win is . . . nothing!

Please . . . don’t let Planned Parenthood win by default! Help Life Legal stick up for David Daleiden!

Yours for the threatened child in the womb,

Alexandra Snyder
Executive Director
David Daleiden with his lead counsel, Life Legal’s Katie Short.

P.S. Could you please send your generous contribution today? We are defending pro-life hero David Daleiden right now against a barrage of pro-abort legal actions—so that he can continue to tell the truth about Planned Parenthood’s trade in baby body parts. . .!


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