Thursday, May 12, 2016


As Democrats and environmental radicals continue their war on oil, gas and coal, killing jobs in the process, Liz Cheney is fighting back as she runs for Congress. She needs your support! 

With Liz Cheney running for Congress in Wyoming it is a chance to support a strong conservative woman that can be a leader in Congress for issues important to all of us. 
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stirred controversy during a CNN town hall when she said her environmental regulations would put many energy companies and coal miners out of business. 
Wyoming congressional candidate Liz Cheney says congress needs to reign in what she says are the unconstitutional actions of federal regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA].
Cheney accuses President Obama of “sitting in Washington and directing them [the EPA] to fundamentally destroy our energy industry.” She also says federal regulatory agencies have been given authority “far beyond what the constitution would envision or authorize.”
Liz Cheney was quick to pounce on Clinton's radical environmental agenda. Liz knows what it takes to run a business and employ workers, unlike Hillary and Democrats who work as hard as they can to punish business to fit their progressive agenda. 

Last month two of Wyoming's largest coal mines announced they were laying off hundreds of miners because of the Obama administration’s environmental regulations. 
Cheney’s legislative priorities include limiting the growth of the federal government and reining in the EPA, with the ultimate goal of dissolving the agency. She has uniquely stood up to radical environmentalists that cheer when energy workers get laid off.
Because liberals don't like anyone telling the truth about the EPA and the regualtions that kills jobs, the left is attacking Liz Cheney with baseless, personal smears.
The Atlantic 
"Liz Cheney has earned an independent reputation as someone who participates in weak, laughable, and even scurrilous attacks that can only cast doubt on her judgment and moral character. The weak, laughable attacks are often aimed at Obama… (Liz Cheney) is either deeply ignorant, ideologically blinkered, or a liar. None of those qualities is desirable in an aspiring U.S. Congresswoman"
We must defend her against these types of baseless attacks from the liberal media. Liz Cheney will never stop questioning the administration's decisions that end up with American jobs lost and our economy hurt. 
Liz Cheney is a mother of five and knows firsthand how D.C. is trying to control our lives from afar. She is a a fierce defender of invididual liberty and will fight against the progressive values steering this country off course. 
We can always count on her to support policy that will fight terrorism, support our troops and keep America the land of the free and home of the brave. 
This is a race that the Democrats have targeted and they will not rest until they smear Liz Cheney with everything they can think of. Patriots nationwide must defend her. 
We need more conservative women leaders in Congress like Liz Cheney! Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $250 supports our efforts in voter outreach and advertising to support Liz Cheney. With your help we can bring a fighter to Congress that will not stay silent and will fight for We The People!

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Thank You for Defending Freedom!

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