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EXPOSE-SAUDI CAMPAIGN IS GAINING TRACTION. New film on Saudi brutality confirms my year-old warning


Back when I wrote my Petrodollar article in March of 2015, I had no idea what kind of reception it would get. I felt I was all alone. No one had dared to grasp this third rail issue before. Some had dared to mention the brutality of the Saudis and their cruel enforcement of shariah law, but no one dared to say that the US government had been stealthily working hand in hand for over 40 years with the Saudis in their support of terror. After all, perhaps the value of the US dollar really did depend on Saudi cooperation and perhaps the vast majority of American officials and military officials would be incensed at what I had written. Yet I knew I had told the truth and was not about to back down. I could not betray my fellow Christians in the Middle East by ignoring this story. I could not go along with the false narrative that Iran and Syria were the biggest supporters of terror when Assad, despite any flaws he might have, was the only man in the Middle East actually defending the Syrian Christians. Of all the lies our msm and pols were telling, this was the most evil of all.
Now, by the grace of God, others are recognizing the evil in Saudi Arabia, are picking up the story, and the whole Middle East narrative is starting to turn around.
Our thanks to Gen. Paul Vallely (see below) for picking up this hypersensitive issue and for reading and passing on my article http://laiglesforum.com/film-on-saudi-brutality-corroborates-my-warnings/3724.htm. And our thanks to F. Michael Maloof for his bold exposure of the Saudis and their support of terror in Europe.
Who knows what will happen next? I solicit your prayers and your help in disseminating the true story of the Saudis that the elites in Washington have been supporting uncritically for decades. We can't stop until the evil is so transparent that the Saudis -- and their enablers in Washington -- have no place to hide. And until it is no longer fashionable to excuse the evil by mouthing the excuse that the Saudis are "sharing valuable intel" with the West or to pretend that the Iranians are the "biggest supporters of terror" in the world when we all know there are no Iranians in the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra or ISIS. And finally, until it is no longer acceptable to pretend that the Russians and Syrians are somehow unworthy of liberating Syria from ISIS when the US government has absolutely refused to do the job itself.
This is all pro-Saudi propaganda in disguise and it must be stopped if we want the blood shed to stop.
It is literally up to us.
Don Hank

Expert: Saudis fueling jihadist
'powder keg' in Belgium

Muslim World League in European nation to promote 'pure image of Islam' 

Publishing Date: 29.03.16 00:10

By F. Michael Maloof
WASHINGTON – Three months after the attacks in Paris by ISIS jihadists traced to Molenbeek, Belgium, the Belgian ambassador to Saudi Arabia met with the secretary general of the Muslim World League to discuss how to help Belgium's universities and cultural institutions "clarify the pure image of Islam."
The Muslim World League leader, Abdullah bin Abdulmohsen al-Turki, told Ambassador Geert Criel the Islamic organization is ready to work with official Belgium institutions "which attach great importance to Muslim communities."
But after last week's attacks at Belgium's international airport and a subway stop, a new spotlight is being placed on the Mecca-based Muslim World League and its influence in Belgium and throughout Western Europe.
The MWL's influence in Brussels, Belgium's capital, is especially noteworthy since the city is the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the capital of the European Union.
Longstanding relationship
A G2 Bulletin analysis shows a long-standing relationship between Belgium and Saudi Arabia, home of the strict Salafi-Wahhabi interpretation of Islam and Islamic law, which is embraced by ISIS.
The MWL was established in 1962 in Saudi Arabia as an Islamic non-governmental organization to "unite the ranks of the Muslims, and remove all divisive forces from the midst of the Muslim communities around the world, remove obstacles in the way of establishing the Muslim world union and support all advocates of charitable deeds."
Various regional sources say that the Muslim World League has been financing the Great Mosque of Brussels since 1967.
'Playing with fire'
Five days before the November Paris attacks, the French daily newspaper "Liberation" said that the Great Mosque of Brussels for the past 30 years "has been an active Salafist refuge, offering fertile soil for their networks to grow."
Salafism and Wahhabism are terms used interchangeably, reflecting the extreme interpretation of Islam pushed worldwide by Saudi Arabia.
Islam expert Michel Privot of the European Network Against Racism told Liberation that "Salafist sentiments are solidly anchored in the minds of Muslims in the Belgian capital."
He said this influence can be traced back to some 30 years of Saudi financial assistance to Belgium at a time when Belgium's finances were desperate and the country was in dire need of cheap oil.
"Belgian authorities have been playing with fire regarding this issue for 30 years," Privot said.
In exchange, Belgium's King Baudoin made a deal with the Saudis for a 99-year lease on the former Oriental Pavilion, which then was turned into the Great Mosque of Brussels.
Formerly, the Oriental Pavilion was first constructed for the 1880 National Exhibition in Brussels.
Hub for attacks
The concentration of Salafist-Wahhabi influence in Brussels may help explain why the city and, indeed, the country has become the hub in Western Europe for attacks, such as those last year in Paris. Just last week, Italian officials rounded up Djamal Eddine Ouali, an Algerian who accused of counterfeiting documents for the Paris and Brussels terrorists.
The development suggests that Brussels, and the city's district of Molenbeek in particular, commands an entire European network of ISIS operatives ready to assist and undertake attacks, especially on soft targets such as occurred last week in Brussels.
The Saudi financial and religious influence on the Brussels mosque over the years may also help explain why the Belgian capital and the capital of neighboring France were targeted.
It's estimated the Saudis have given more than $1.5 billion to the Muslim World League since 1962.
The Saudi newspaper Ain al-Yaqeen in 2002 published a financial report on the extent of Saudi-Wahhabi support throughout the world.
"The cost … has been astronomical, amounting to many billions of Saudi Riyals," the report said. "In terms of Islamic institutions, the result in some 210 Islamic centers wholly or partly financed by Saudi Arabia, more than 1,500 mosques and 202 colleges and almost 2,000 schools for educating Muslim children in non-Islamic countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia."
British filmmaker Antony Thomas in his 2008 documentary "The Quran" estimated Saudi-Wahhabi financing at more than $100 billion over the past 30 years.
"Now with the Brussels Muslim population near 25 percent, this level of monetary influence on mosques has cultivated an environment that breeds extremism and fanaticism – an environment that has gone unchecked for almost 50 years," according to regional expert Lincoln Clapper, writing for the international intelligence publication Geopolitical Monitor.
'Powder keg of animosity'
A 2007 U.S. diplomatic cable recently publicized by WikiLeaks said the socioeconomic situation has exacerbated the problem.
"Discrimination in housing and employment has produced clear lower-class 'ghetto' areas of greater Brussels, such as Molenbeek, Scaarbeek and St. Josse, disproportionately inhabited by Muslims regardless of their education and income," the cable said. "A quarter of Brussels residents under 20 are of Muslim origin and an estimated fifty percent of Muslim youth in Brussels is unemployed."
Lincoln warned of a "powder keg of animosity among indignant, Muslim youth in Belgium."
"Sparked by the ISIS outbreak in Syria, the Wahhabi jihad in Western Europe draws from mosques that have Saudi-Wahhabi influence and will be axiomatic as long as the root of the problem is not addressed," he wrote.
Unless the "Wahhabiyyah headquarters in Riyadh is dismantled," Lincoln said, Saudi Arabia's existence "will be conducive with Islamic terrorism for many more years, if not decades."

The new video Saudi Arabia Uncovered is an expose of the brutal torture and murders occurring almost daily in the Saudi kingdom and the Western acceptance of this evil.
I have said before that the US government has shaped its foreign policy around Saudi interests -- in order to keep the Saudis happy enough to keep propping up the ES dollar by charging only USD for their oil. As a result, the Pentagon has, under the radar, reduced our brave young men to mercenaries for the Saudis and the State Department has adopted stealthy policies (eg, the refusal of the Pentagon to target ISIS in Syria in a serious and purposeful way) that make the US a virtual missionary for the cruel, intolerant religion of Wahhabism that fuels all major anti-Christian terror groups, including Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra (supported as "rebels" in Syria thru US arms and money, thanks in large part to the treachery of John McCain) and ISIS.
In March of 2015, I wrote here about the US-Saudi petrodollar agreement, a taboo topic, and have shown in a translation and associated commentary here how the West is still very actively supporting Saudi-propagated terror.  

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