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A new wave of anti-Israel violence has erupted in the Middle East as Palestinians have gone on the attack against Israeli civilians.

On Tuesday alone, four separate attacks by Palestinians left three Israelis dead and wounded another 20. In one attack, armed Palestinians stormed a bus and fired shots while stabbing riders. Soon thereafter, a utilities worker "rammed his company vehicle into pedestrians at a bus stop" and then "hacked them with a meat cleaver" (New York Times). 

And who is to blame? According to the Obama State Department, Israel is to blame for it's "excessive use of force." Once again, by casting blame on Israel, Team Obama is further fueling the animosity and hatred and terror against this nation.

+ + Obama Has Put Israel In The Target Zone

This is just the latest in a long line of statements and actions by Obama that have put Israel at risk. Hundreds of millions in U.S. taxpayer dollars have been poured into a radical foreign policy agenda by President Obama that has put Israel squarely in the center of the target zone.  As a result, our world now stands on the cusp of a potentially catastrophic collision between the forces of good and evil.

But most Americans are unaware of what is really happening in the Middle East -- how the Obama Doctrine has intentionally and systematically radicalized country after country in this region and put Israel at the center of this geopolitical storm.

This is a story that must be told because the security of our families and our nation may hinge on unfolding explosive events in the Middle East.

+ + EXCLUSIVE: Grassfire Exposes Obama's Anti-Israel Agenda...

To help set the record straight, my research team here at Grassfire just finished the final draft of our newest resource called Target: IsraelTarget IsraelThis new and exclusive book paints a disturbing portrait of what is really happening in the Middle East and how Obama's agenda has created unprecedented instability in this region.

From Benghazi to Syria to Iraq and Iran, Target: Israel reveals how the Obama Doctrine has helped radicalize the Middle East, leaving both Israel and the United States in peril.

As I write, our team is finalizing this new resource and rushing it to the printer. I want you to have two copies of Target: Israel as soon as it is published and ready for shipment.

Go here now to pre-order your two copies of Grassfire's exclusive new resource, Target: Israel, in appreciation of your contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire build:

+ + Stage Set For World War III...

Written by Eric Odom, managing director of Grassfire's LibertyNEWS division, Target: Israel gives you a shocking perspective on Obama's systematic efforts in the Middle East to undermine Israel and release a new wave of radical Islam on the region. Eric tears back the veil on the Obama Doctrine's real agenda and real victims, and shows you how events of recent months have set the stage for World War III.

You'll also gain fresh insight into why radical Islamists hate Israel, and why we must stand with our one true ally in the region.

Go here to pre-order your two copies of Target: Israel today.

Thanks again for the stand you are taking!

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