Monday, August 31, 2015

CONSERVATIVE 50 08/31/2015

WATCH: This Is How Liberals Are Trying To Take Down Ben Carson But He’s Unstoppable So… Good Luck!

carson-inside-womenBen Carson's poll numbers are rising!
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AWESOME: Watch ZoNation Talk About How Donald Trump Called Out Jorge Ramos

zo nation trump and ramosZo Nails It Again!
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Dick Cheney And Liz Cheney Talk About How To Restore American Exceptionalism

american exceptionalismNo other nation, international body or “community of nations” can do what we do.
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Donald Trump Mocks “Perv” Anthony Weiner’s Connections To Huma & Hillary Clinton

trump calls it rightWeiner used the name 'Carlos Danger' when sending out his sick photos on the net.
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Watch Ted Cruz’s Latest Interview On The Mark Levin Show Where His Speaks His Mind About This Foolish Iran Deal

ted cruz mark levin showWill Congress surrender to Obama again?
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“Fox News Sunday” Panel Talks About The The Impact Of Having An Angry Electorate

fns-8-30-15In case you missed Fox News Sunday....
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Here Is Your Free ECON 101 Lesson, Featuring Milton Friedman

milton friedman cradle to graveYour Free ECON 101 Lesson!
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Obama’s Controversial New EPA Regulations Defy Good Judgement And Are Imposing Terrible Water Rule

water ruleA defiant Environmental Protection Agency on Friday put into effect controversial new water regulations.
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What Obama Just Did Proves He Is Trying To Destroy Our Free Markets

obama wrecks franchisingNLRB Upends Franchising And Contracting In Landmark Case
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