Thursday, July 9, 2015


  America's Presidential Imposter-Section 4
     Previously, I wrote how Barack Obama used fraudulent and/or ineligible documents to deliberately deceive America into believing he was eligible to seek the Office of President of the United States. I also wrote how he sacrificed former Army Lt.Colonel Terrence Lakin who had asked him to simply produce a valid birth certificate confirming his Presidential eligibility and, thereby, his right to act as the Commander-in Chief of our Military forces. Obama never even acknowledged Col.Lakin's letters. Eighteen years of faithful service to our Country-completely ignored! Since over one half of our Nation now believed Obama was not a "natural-born" American citizen, and, therefore,not eligible to seek the Presidency,only a valid"Certificate of Live Birth" would have satisfied doubters and calmed our Nation. Unfortunately, for Obama, to submit his fraudulent and ineligible documents to public and professional scrutiny would have ended his Presidential career and subjected him to criminal actions. He had to prevent this at all costs....and did! Now, I would like to mention how some court officers, sworn to determine truth and dispense justice, became complicit (whether deliberately, ignorantly or otherwise) in Obama's deception.
Georgia's Deputy Chief Michael Malihi issued a subpoena ordering Obama to appear in Court with a valid birth certificate or suffer contempt of Court. Obama chose option two and showed his contempt for the Court by having his attorney inform the Judge, in writing, that neither Obama nor his attorney would even appear in Court ...and they didn't! The judge then warned that he would hear testimony solely from the plaintiff, yet,that testimony was dismissed and additional testimony of Paul Irey, one with 30 years Adobe computer document knowledge who openly declared Obama's Birth Certificate was fraudulent, was ignored and the judge simply closed the case. As for the subpoena,he ignored it and took no action against Obama, who had completely ignored it. What a disgrace! Who said "crime doesn't pay"? A toothless subpoena made a mockery of justice.
    A simple order to the Hawaiian Health Dept. to send a copy of Obama's Birth Certificate to Washington for verification of its legitimacy wasn't even attempted. It could have resolved this issue six years ago except that Obama didn't have a valid "Certificate of Live Birth" to offer. Instead, his blatant refusal to honor the subpoena has now resulted in our Country being run by a foreign usurper. John Jay had warned George Washington of the possible consequences of having other than a "natural-born" president leading our Nation.Washington and the framers of The Constitution agreed and the "natural-born" status became part of Article II of the Constitution. Today, thanks to Obama's lying, deception and refusal to produce any valid birth certificate, John Jay's warning has become reality and Article II has become essentially null and void.
     When Obama speaks to crowds he repeatedly portrays himself as being "transparent", yet his words and actions clearly identify him as a liar and deceiver.He hides all his birth and citizenship records from the American people at any cost; records, which, if existing and valid, anyone else would have  immediately produced to confirm their eligibility but Obama knew his records would actually expose him as an imposter. That is why he refused to produce any documents for the Georgia Court, even when a subpoena was issued. In essence, he was telling the Judge that he, Obama, would not be bound by our laws. Any wonder why he spent millions in Court and attorney fees? It's obvious....disclosure would mean exposure and exposure would mean expulsion, and worse. For the record, Obama's attorneys nationwide have never introduced a valid birth certificate into any courtroom. Does anyone need more evidence that Obama is hiding his true identity from America? Not incidentally, I was prepared to vote for Herman Cain in 2012 until he withdrew from nomination and I am prepared to consider another Afro-American in 2016. In neither case has color clouded or directed my vision. Incidentally, I am Caucasion and I have a valid birth certificate to prove it, if challenged.
     In another disgraceful courtroom dismissal, Circuit Judge Kevin Carroll (Leon County,Florida), dismissed a lawsuit challenging Obama's eligibility with pathetic twists of reasoning, saying "The Court notes that President Obama lives in the White House, flies on Air Force One, appears before Congress, delivers State of the Union addresses and meets with Congressional leaders on a regular basis and appoints ambassadors,etc." Does the judge really believe that simply living in the White House and enjoying the "perks" was a confirmation of Obama's eligibility? Those actions simply provided false respectability for his deception. Most people committing fraudulent impersonations don't advertise it on their sweaters but they do hide (or falsify) anything which might expose their duplicity, as Obama has done for more than six years. That's why we have had over 100 lawsuits seeking the truth which Obama is hiding. If Judge Carroll looked back in History to the Revolutionary War he would have read how General Benedict Arnold,after lawfully taking command of West Point, accepted the privileges and the honored obligations accorded because of a previously determined military eligibility. Later, after becoming aware of Arnold's treason, George Washington had him stripped of all rights and privileges though Arnold had already fled to the British lines. Obama's treason, in contrast, began before the 2008 election, with his use of a fraudulent birth certificate, making him immediately ineligible to even seek the Office of President or reside in the White House or enjoy any other privileges reserved for eligible recipients alone! When a thief occupies an empty home does that make him a lawful resident of that home? Of course not, no more than when Obama stole our Presidency and proceeded to occupy the White House, yet, he, the courts, politicians from both parties and the Major Media (with small exceptions), refuses to acknowledge a basic truth;an ineligible president is no president at all!
Vetting: to examine or scrutinize, as an expert. Federal Judge James Robertson (U.S. Court-Washington, D.C.) previously threw out a lawsuit, saying Obama's citizenship was throughly "vetted" and "massaged by America's vigilant citizenry during his two year Presidential campaign.A pathetic line of reasoning, denoting either lying or ignorance of the truth.Obama (then Senator) had his attorneys block the release of any documents which would have confirmed (or denied) his eligibility. Presidential vetting is not exercised by "massaging of America's vigilant citizenry" but by elected representatives charged with obeying The Constitution. Sadly, they ignored their responsibility, as did Judge Robertson.Result-Obama was never vetted! The birth certificate he cited on the Daily Kos website for over two years as proof of his eligibility was a Fraudulent document which, even had it been legitimate, was an ineligible document for use by anyone (white,black, or whatever)seeking the Presidency and Obama , a former Constitutional teacher,knew this. Today, our courts are no longeer interpreting the law....they are rewriting or ignoring it. Also, the passport used by Obama to enter war-torn Pakistan in 1981, as well as his school, medical and social-security records were all secreted from public access. Conclusion-disclosure of any document which Obama could have made public, would have confirmed his ineligibility to seek the Presidency of the United States.
     The Supreme Court could have easily resolved the eligibility issue by instructing Obama to produce a birth certificate (if any) for scrutiny by computer experts to verify its authenticity, yet the Court has remained silent. Chief Justice Roberts didn't hesitate to previously suggest how Obamacare could "skirt" our Constitution, yet, a simple "show your birth certificate for verification" never came up in any court procedure nationwide. Why? Because to "show" would be to " tell"; to tell the Country that Obama deceived it and was now driving us into ruin. Is there a statute of limitation for killing a Nation?
     There is an old phrase referring to judges ruling on issues, called "sitting on the bench". It's about time they begin "standing up" on this eligibility issue, an issue of such importance to the stability of our Nation and demand that Obama demonstrate "transparency" by supplying the documents he has allowed others to suffer for.
How sad....every time someone addresses or refers to Barack Obama as "Mr President", whether innocently or otherwise, they are paying tribute to a treasonous impersonator....A PRESIDENT WHO NEVER WAS !
     Coming next: How the Major Media keeps the Obama deception ongoing.

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