Thursday, July 30, 2015

CONSERVATIVE 50 07/30/2015

From The Reagan Library, Carly Fiorina Delivers A Home Run Speech That Everyone Needs To Hear
carly fiorinaPress #1 for yes press #2 for no.
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Watch Ted Cruz Deliver An Amazing Speech At A Student Pro-Life Rally
ted cruz students for lifeCalls for a criminal investigation of planned parenthood
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Mark Levin Just Called Out McConnell and Boehner Saying They Are Both An Absolute Disgrace And Danger To Our Country
boehner-levin-mcconnellListen the great one Mark Levin
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Ohio Democrat Just Spoke In Front Of Planned Parenthood Saying That Black Lives Matter
bill patmonWhy don't all black lives matter?
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Fox News: Interview Just Released With Trey Gowdy And He Urges The Defunding Planned Parenthood ASAP
trey gowdyRep. Trey Gowdy doesn't stop putting the heat on!
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Rick Perry Goes On The Record And Says Securing The Border Is A Top Priority
perry secure border priorityRepublican presidential candidate on 'The Five'
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Hilarious Cartoon: This Is What Really Happened To Obama In Kenya
obama kenyaBut wait......
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Ted Cruz Says Congress Should Use Any Procedural Means Necessary To Defund Planned Parenthood
ted cruz planned parenthood criminalCongress can't sit back and let these atrocities be forgotten.
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WOW: Donald Trump Just Threw Down On Obama And He Said The Most Awesome Thing! 
doanld trumpTrue to Donald Trump, he will take on anyone....
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Watch Ben Carson Expose The Real Evil Behind Those Pro-Abortion Advocates Who  Want Baby Body Parts
ben carson life rallyThe Doctor is in the house!
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Health & Wellness: This Healthy Lifestyle Tip Will Help You Maintain Peace Of Mind During Your Hectic Life
vacationBetween all the things we need to do in a day, it can be impossible to find time to relax and enjoy life.
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