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Ben Carson is Off and Running!

Now that Ben Carson is an official candidate for President of the United States I’m going to ask you to do something very important. It may not seem that way at first, but believe me, it is.
Why is this important?
All testing shows that there is nothing so powerful as a personal endorsement of a product or a candidate by a FRAN.

There are already more than 630,000 copies of this 200 page book in print, and it will soon be available in softcover, hardcover, Audible and Kindle versions at Amazon™.
The chapters that are attached include...
  • Ben Carson’s Amazing Life Story
  • Why Ben Carson will win in 2016
  • Why Ben Carson will heal our broken land
  • Why Ben Carson is prepared to serve as President, and
  • Ben Carson on the issues in his own words
It’s true, nominating Ben Carson as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee will give you and me the best chance of winning the White House in 2016.
Don’t get me wrong there are a number of good conservatives in the race for the GOP presidential nomination.
The problem is it is going to be very difficult for any of them to win.
Here’s why...
In 1980 Ronald Reagan won 60% of the white vote and he won in a landslide.
In 2012 Mitt Romney won almost the same percent of the white vote, 59%, and he lost dramatically.
What’s happened?
The answer is demographics.
The demographics of the United States have changed dramatically since Ronald Reagan was president.
Ben Carson and the other Republican candidates for President will all win 60% of the white vote, but unless they win much more of the black, Hispanic, and Asian vote, the Democrats will win again in 2016.
It’s as simple as that.
Due to higher birth rates of African Americans and massive legal immigration from Latin America and from Asia, it is no longer possible to win the White House by simply relying on white voters.
Yes, it’s true that the Republican Party won huge election victories in 2010 and again in 2014, but even though they won big in 2010 they lost the presidential election badly in 2012.
The reason is that many voters do not vote in off-year elections.
And, that’s why the Democrats have a good chance of winning the White House again in 2016 if the nominee is anyone but Ben Carson.
No, it’s not just that Ben Carson is an African American.
Just running an African American or a Hispanic does not guarantee that black Americans or Latinos will vote for him or her. It’s not that easy.
Although a Wall Street Journal poll, taken in the fall of 2014, showed that 37% of African Americans identify themselves as conservative (more than identify themselves as liberal), less than 10% of these voters will vote for a Republican candidate.
Romney only received 7% of the African American vote.
The problem is that for more than 50 years the Democrats and their friends in the national news media have been telling black voters that you and I and all conservatives are racists.
Think about it. Trust is the key to winning someone’s vote.
Even if you agree with someone on all the issues, you won’t vote for him or her if you think a candidate is a racist who hates you because of the color of your skin. But Ben Carson is not just another African American.
Dr. Carson is an icon in the black community as The Washington Post recently pointed out. He is the 2006 recipient of the highest award given by the NAACP. He was the subject of a movie starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. which told his amazing life story. He received the highest civilian award given by the President of the United States.
In short, Ben Carson is a household name in the African American community, revered and respected for his many accomplishments, his faith, and his humility.
As none other than Jesse Jackson wrote, “He is a model for the youth of today.”
But, don’t take my word for it. Instead, consider the results of a test conducted by the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, the forerunner to The 2016 Committee.
In the fall of 2014 Ben Carson announced that he would not run for President unless the Republicans took control of the United States Senate.
Upon hearing the news, the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee spent more than $530,000 on radio ads in North Carolina and in Louisiana, two states thought to contain the key to the GOP taking control of the U.S. Senate.
The ads were run exclusively on black and Spanish speaking radio stations.
To simplify, I’ll just talk about what happened in North Carolina.
Two months before the election a Rasmussen poll showed that just 1% of African Americans in North Carolina intended to vote for Thom Tillis, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.
Just six years earlier Elizabeth Dole lost her U.S. Senate seat to Kay Hagen because she too received just 1% of the African American vote.
Tillis was in trouble.
One month out the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (a super PAC) began running radio ads that reached about two-thirds of the African American population. These were straightforward conservative ads on abortion, energy, taxes, national security, school vouchers, etc.
As the ads continued to run, support in the black community continued to climb.
On election eve, prior to any returns coming in, FOX News contributor Bob Beckel blurted out “I just read an exit poll and it shows that 18% of African
Americans voted for Thom Tillis. That can’t be right!”
But, apparently it was.
When the final vote was tallied Thom Tillis won 11.9% of the black vote statewide. It makes sense. If he received 1% of the African American vote in one-third of the state where the ads could not be heard, and received 18% in that area of the state where the radio ads were heard, the final tally would have been 12%.
But, why would these African Americans respond to the ads run by the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee?
The answer is the tagline for each ad which was...
“Ben Carson trusts Thom Tillis, you should too.”
Simply by invoking the blessing of Ben Carson, Thom Tillis won 18% of the African American vote where it could be heard.
Due to the endorsement of Ben Carson, Thom Tillis was elected to the United States Senate.
But now Ben Carson is running for President. If his endorsement moved the vote total for Thom Tillis up to 18%, it is only reasonable to assume that he would win 37% of the entire African American vote (the percent of African Americans who identify themselves as conservative).
What happens then?
When Ben Carson wins 37% of the black vote every single swing state becomes a solid Republican state and nearly every Democrat state becomes a swing state.
Ben Carson is the Democrats’ worst nightmare, and they know it. They are absolutely terrified that Ben Carson will win the Republican nomination.
When he does, it will make a shipwreck of the Democrats’ plan to turn America into a socialist state.
But, let’s be honest, just winning is not enough.
America needs a man who is totally dedicated to the United States Constitution and to the ideals of America’s founders.
America needs a man of faith who can provide moral leadership to our nation.
America needs a man of principle without political baggage as its President.
That man is Benjamin Solomon Carson!
  • Carson is right on Obamacare. Replace it with Health Savings Accounts.
  • Carson is right on the Second Amendment. Don’t compromise it one bit.
  • Carson is right on the national debt. Balance the budget now, and pay off the national debt in one decade. Pass a balanced budget amendment!
  • Carson is right on politicians. You can’t trust them.
  • Carson is right on national security. Secure the border. Rebuild our military. Stay true to our allies. Don’t negotiate with terrorists.
  • Carson is right on the use of our military. Change the rules of engagement. Fight on our terms, not the enemies’. No military adventurism. Defend and protect the United States of America.
  • Carson is right on abortion. End it.
  • Carson is right on taxes. Make them flat, fair, and make sure everyone has skin in the game.
  • Ben Carson is right on Republicans and Democrats. Both are responsible for the mess America is in.
  • Ben Carson is right on class warfare. It doesn’t belong in America.
  • Carson is right on judges. Select judges who will abide by the spirit and the letter of the United States Constitution.
  • Carson is right on energy. Build the Keystone pipeline. Make energy affordable for all Americans.
  • Carson is right on traditional marriage. Defend it.
  • Carson is right on Free Enterprise. Preserve it. End crony capitalism.
On every issue Ben Carson comes down on the side of common sense, the United States Constitution, and the American people.
Ben Carson is exactly what the Doctor ordered!
And the best way for you to put Ben Carson in the White House is to support him with your dollars today.
Remember, it was Romney’s super PAC, Restore Our Future, that enabled him to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.
While the official Romney campaign was limited by the Federal Election Commission in terms of expenditures and sums raised from individuals, the Romney super PAC had no such limitations, just as The 2016 Committee has no limitations.
That’s the reason Jeb Bush announced that he is “farming out” his campaign to his super PAC, Right to Rise, for which he has raised millions of dollars prior to his announcement as a candidate.
With gifts as big as one million dollars, Bush plans to run roughshod over his conservative opponents.
And, just as the Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, won the GOP nomination by spending more than $20 million in the primaries, Jeb Bush will spend whatever it takes to win the GOP nomination.
Don’t get me wrong, Jeb is a fine man, but nomination another Bush would be a gift to the Democrat Party.
It would be the equivalent of handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House.
But, this time Ben Carson has this super PAC, The 2016 Committee, on his side. Frankly, Ben Carson can’t win without us.
His official campaign has lots of important work to do. It’s essential. But, we can do things they can’t do, and vice versa.
After all, Ben Carson would have never announced for President if we had not gathered more than 550,000 petitions urging him to run and if we had not recruited 31,000 volunteers to work for his election (more than any other candidate).
This super PAC has spent more than 2 million on radio ads, billboards, persuasion mail, buttons, bumper strips, magnetic signs, yard signs, campaign headquarters, and a staff of 35 who work hard for Ben Carson’s election every day.
Don’t let Jeb Bush use his millions to bulldoze under the campaign of the one man who can win, who will heal, who is ready to serve, and is trustworthy.
The 2016 Committee has the organization, the game plan, the volunteers, and the leadership to put Ben Carson in the White House. But, we need your dollars to succeed.

John Philip Sousa IV
National Chairman
P.S. Right now a poll of the 2012 Iowa Caucus goers shows that Ben Carson is in second place, right behind Scott Walker and just ahead of Jeb Bush. Even the Iowa GOP Chairman, Jeff Kaufmann, has said, “Carson has the edge in Iowa.” Don’t be bamboozled by misleading media polls, Ben Carson is a frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, and we plan to win. But Ben Carson needs your dollars to do so. Please help today. Thank you, and God Bless America.

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