Tuesday, May 12, 2015


June 12th will mark the first day of crippling public utility regulations on the Internet. Unfortunately, you heard us right. One month from today, the FCC and President Obama will complete their goal of taking over the free-market Internet.
On Friday, the FCC formally rejected the stay petition from tech pioneers who created the Internet.  Now they’ll head to federal court, but the only sure way to stop the FCC is for Congress to act.

We know we’ve asked you to voice your concerns on this issue several times , but it is becoming clear that we are the last line of defense against Obama and the FCC.  Democrats in Congress are starting to feel real pressure to come to the negotiating table, but their stonewall of opposition has not yet cracked.
If Congress can get away with sitting on their hands, it will all be left up to the courts. But Internet Freedom is simply too important to be entrusted to lawyers and judges.
You can edit our model letter, and if you’ve written before please consider taking a few seconds to add some additional thoughts, perhaps noting how disappointed you are that Congress has failed to make any progress on the issue while the clock ticks down to the fateful June 12 date.
There are also social media share links on our action page, and clicking them is a great way to amplify your voice by helping us recruit even more people to the historic effort to save Internet freedom from Obama and his FCC.
Thank you for your continued support as we fight to protect the free-market Internet,
Phil Kerpen
President, American Commitment
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