Saturday, April 25, 2015


Ben Carson Just Thew Down the Gauntlet at Hillary, Issuing This EPIC 4-Word Challenge

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and conservative favorite for his unwavering mission to expose political corruption, recently challenged scandal-ridden Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton to an action to which she should probably give consideration. In the wake of a The New York Times piece that exposed the questionable donations received by the Clinton Foundation from foreign

VIDEO: These Oregon Sheriffs Have a Blunt Message to Liberals… And They’re Not Backing Down

The progressivegun grabbers may have lost miserably in their bid to impose gun control at the national level after Congress shot down President Barack Obama’s attempts in 2013, but that hasn’t stopped them. Groups that wish to disarm American citizens have simply taken their fight to the state level, focusing mostly on liberal-leaning states and

VIDEO: Speaker Describes ISIS Atrocities at College Speech… Watch How the Muslims Reacted

We’ve reported with some frequency that many colleges and universities across America have morphed into liberal bastions full of gullible students being force-fed liberal propaganda in an attempt to indoctrinate the next generation of American leaders. That’s bad enough. But the situation was taken to a whole new level when conservative activist Pamela Gellar delivered a

BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Releases the Questions He’ll Use to Take Down Hillary [LETTER]

During her tenure as secretary of state for the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton used a private email account on a private server in her possession instead of using a government-provided account on a secure government server. In the aftermath of this revelation, Hillary deleted thousands of emails from her private server instead of turning them

Texas Muslim Does Something SICK After He Learned His Daughter Married a Christian Man

One of the more disturbing aspects of Islamic Shariah law, and a main reason why it should never be allowed in the United States, is that it condones so-called “honor killings.” Honor killings are when a Muslim man kills someone else, even his own children, if they have brought “dishonor” to the family or the

BOOM: Small Town Flies Christian Flag, Defies Liberals and Atheists With 7 Blunt Words

While the president of the United States continues a long-term pattern of publicly pummeling Christianity and defending Islam, the “religion of peace” responsible for a wave of barbaric murders over the past year, one small southern town decided to take a stand. Secular progressives and atheists are furious at the city leaders of Cochran, Ga. —

“Women Are Much More Complicated Than Men. Men Are Very Simple. And You Know…”

Men and women couldn’t be much more different. Though we’re technically of the same species and origin, ask most men and women and they’ll tell you that we’re as different as night and day, gender theory aside. The following joke, written by a genius who obviously put a lot of thought into it, expounded on an absolutely brilliant

BREAKING: Iran Makes Major New Move in Standoff With US Navy [VIDEO]

Just a few short months ago, President Barack Obama held up Yemen as an example of his successful foreign policy and counterterrorism strategy. Now, Yemen is for all intents and purposes a failed state and a harbor for Islamic terrorists like Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State group, as the U.S.

George H.W. Bush Learned Secret Service Left His House Unsecured… Here’s His Surprising Response

In the latest of a string of failures from the United States Secret Service, reports surfaced recently of a scary situation at the Houston residence of former President George H. W. Bush involving a non-working security system that took 15 months for the agency to replace. Even though the agency took so long to replace

VIDEO: Black Teen Films His Own Mother Getting Beaten Up… Where’s Al Sharpton?

Sometimes, when we think we have already seen it all, we stumble across something that leaves us muttering to ourselves, “What the heck was that?” while wondering what is wrong with some people in this country. Enter the video posted recently to Live Leak showing a young black thug using the decidedly narcissistic “selfie-stick” to

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