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BJ3: This is lengthy, though captivating. You can watch to the first minute, then advance to about 15 min. and then advance in 5 min segments to the end.
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Squirrel Falls Into A Pool, What Happens After That Will Melt Your Heart
From: Jenny...62.8%: Labor Force Participation Has Hovered Near 37-Year-Low for 11 Months

From: Jenny...56,023,000: Record Number of Women Not in Labor Force

BJ3: IF this is for real, and they follow thru, and though I’m totally no pro-illegals mendy fan, he is in the perfect position, and has standing, just to publicly demand BHO’s proof of his eligible authority to do this, specifically from the actual, valid, rightly-certified, at birth, authentic, Hawaiian Birth Certificate.
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He pissed off Obama....From: "Dave Hollenbeck" 
Feds prepare criminal corruption charges against Senator Bob Menendez

From: Sher Zieve    From: "Orly Taitz"
Obama regime attacks Judge Hanen and Attorney Orly Taitz
Obama regime media is attacking Judge Hanen and attacking me. Daily Kos: Feds push Judge Andrew Hanen to lift hold on Obama’s immigration actions. As we noted here, he may be too busy handling anti-immigrant cases from the likes of birther queen Orly Taitz to deal with requests from the U.S.   LINK
Feds push Judge Andrew Hanen to lift hold on Obama’s immigration actions

BJ3: What if? Even if not, please re-read the columns above and all the other “NBC” and “BC” ones in our previous Briefers which should be in your hold/reference folder.

What If Obama Wants a 3rd Term?  March 06, 2015

RUSH:  Let's put this in a scenario, because some of you might be thinking, "All right, Rush, you're going too far now.  All you guys thinking Obama's doing this and doing that, he's violating the Constitution.  He would never do that!"  Well, let's construct a scenario and see if it has even the slightest bit of believability.

BJ3: Sure, gotta keep their “funding” coming in.

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The Punishment for Ignoring Obamacare Penalty Might Surprise You | The Daily Sheeple 

BJ3: When did they start, so they can now “no longer cooperate”?  This traitor needs to be run out of congress and ..... (you fill in your own blanks).  He’s still the same “dope” that was on the old “Lou Dobbs Show”. Only now he’s been coached not to be civil and to always have his “game face” on.
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Gutierrez: In Chicago, We No Longer Cooperate With Immigration Authorities | CNS News

From: The Minuteman Project

Obama Loophole Gives Illegals Quick Path to Citizenship

President Obama has created yet another loophole in federal immigration law that could allow millions of illegal aliens to wipe out their crime and get on the path to citizenship. It’s called advance parole.

From: Dave Hollenbeck
State Senate passes bill to limit court discretion for immigrants

BJ3: And this is Texas Tech. I would think this a put-on if they weren’t so believable.
From: INI World Report

From: Barb Sponaugle...Makes Sense To Me: Stop funding nations that persecute Christians, Petition to Congress
This is an organization that I support.  See the impressive list of accomplishments at
Petition to Protect Persecuted Christians   I signed the petition.  Barb
To Congress:    The worldwide persecution of Christians is on the rise. They are imprisoned, tortured, and even brutally killed for their faith. America must do more to defend them. Stop funding persecuting nations and take decisive action to protect Christians.

From: Rob E...Americans For Justice - United – 2015

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