Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Submitted by: Donald Hank

For those who are receiving this and who live in Arizona....send this to your email family and friends and let them know that Arizona cannot support and should not support a progressive-left RINO like Juan McAmnesty.  For those outside of Arizona Juan is the scourge of Arizona voters and he has "raised, nurtured and created" a second monster by the name of Jeff "the" Flake, our other U.S. Senator to do his Manchurian candidate dirty work should he retire, be voted out of office, or have a coming to the Lord moment (if you know what I mean).

A vote for McAmnesty is like giving Obama a third term.  McCain (McAmnesty) is the most dreaded POS that arrives at the local sewer plant.  He is a lying, conniving, deceitful angry old man.  He brags that he had the opportunity to be released as a POW, but the real truth is, his Father, 4 star Admiral McCain (CICPAC) would hear nothing of that.  He only ensured that "sonny boy" received much superior medical and surgical care than most of the other POW's and it cost him plenty of money to pay for the Russian surgeons....so I was told.  Likewise, in the early 1990's, McCain and Kerry served as Co-Chairmen on the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Intelligence and were responsible for vetting the claims of live sightings of American Military personnel lost and/or remaining in Vietnam.  McCain rejected any and all claims and denigrated the integrity of the claims made by parents of missing soldiers, as well as the Organizations that had investigated the claims, prior to taking them before the Committee.  These Organization National Presidents and National Commanders, from the National MIA (Missing In Action) Association and the American Ex-POW's and the National Forget Me Not Association as well as several dozen other similar organizations were branded weirdo's, fruitcakes, nut jobs, etc., by an obvious angry MCCAIN and their testimony was summarily dismissed as fabricated lies.  When the Hearings ended, it is said that only one report was retained of the Hearing Minutes and all the evidence and a record of the Testimony given, but the Original material was sent to the Senate "burn" room for destruction.  Where the saved copy is, I can't say.  This information was given to me by the National Veterans Service Officer for the Ex-POW's, as well as a personal viewing of McCain in a POW uniform, serving Vietnamese Officers and enjoying Tea and Cakes.  Call it a PR stunt....and it may very well have been....but it shows a rather healthy looking John McCain cow towing to the enemy.

In Town Hall Meetings held in Arizona, Juan McAmnesty clearly shows his PTSD anger management problems toward conservative republicans, or members of the Tea Party....to the extent that he threatens to have them removed and arrested.  As for illegal aliens?  McCain makes sure that busloads are brought to his Meetings and they are given priority seating over American citizens who generally are forced to stay and remain quiet in the back of the room.  He is a arrogant, condescending, worthless waste of flesh and bone.  When people ask me what I think of McCain....the above rant says it all, although I could add a few hundred more paragraphs to the response.

For those voters in North Carolina and in Florida....get rid of Lindsey Graham (GrAmnesty) and Rubio (the leader of the Gang of 8).  Likewise, there are others in Congress who support Illegal Aliens, Amnesty and all of Obama's Executive Orders which are intended to give them full benefits, voting rights and citizenship.  They have many supporters, like La Raza, LULAC, the ACLU, the SPLC and others who spend tens of millions of dollars organizing protests, etc. and buying off politicians.  Likewise, many of these organizations receive government funding to perform services for Illegal Aliens - all at tax payer expense.

The bottom line is that dangerous pawns like McCain, Graham, Flake, Rubio, McConnell, Boehner Gutierrez and many more are directly responsible for the failure of our Immigration laws currently on the book and for curtailing the arrest authority of ICE and our Border Patrol, as well as State, County and Local LEO's.

Do the right thing.  Protect America and this Republic from all of our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

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