Monday, February 23, 2015


Submitted by: Donald Hank

A while back, an influential politician said that undocumented aliens made up 30% of inmates in federal prisons.
Later, the government started saying the percentage was going down. This was easy for me to see through. I had written an article mentioning the local prison in York County where I had lived. I discovered by accident that this prison, 30% of whose inmates were aliens, had an INS visa processing center on one corner of the premises.
So how can the government pretend that the percentage of undocumented inmates is going down?
Two ways
1--Prisons like York County Prison are not federal prisons. They just rent room to the feds. The feds can technically claim that none of these inmates is in a federal prison. They disappear from the stats.
2--Since the feds have long been giving green cards out to released prisoners like water, prisoners who are re-arrested and imprisoned are now no longer undocumented. They too disappear from the stats.
Same kind of chicanery as the lies about unemployment.
If you support amnesty for undocumented Hispanics, here is what you are supporting:
Mara Salvatrucha
No politician supporting amnesty and open borders is a real American. He is a traitor and should be punised to the maximum extent of the law.

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