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From: charlite
2 1/3 minute video of rescuing 3 deer, stranded on Icy lake - [THX Bill Stanley]...(From:
Carl "Skip" Bell)
Some of you might like this.  I did.  Please click on link.

From: Savage...Obama backs government-run Internet...(National Journal) He plans to create a Broadband Opportunity Council ...

From: Sher     From: "Dave Hollenbeck"      From: Robert
Check out Whistleblower Pilot: Pilots Are Flying Muslims Into US Illegally |Click here- Whistleblower Pilot- Pilots Are Flying Muslims Into US Illegally Truth And Action

From: Sher.....While the ostensible military "leadership" continues to do nothing to stop him.  Instead, they support the would-be leader of the Beast...From: John Rolls
BO’s Mark on the Military -A Deeply Unpopular Commander-In-Chief Is Forcing Profound Change Inside The Ranks.

Veteran Journos Spill The Beans- Major News Publishers Purposely Spiked Birther News

The John Boehner Chronicles  (Re Amnesty)  January 14, 2015

RUSH: Here is what I have discovered, ladies and gentlemen, as I've walked all the way through this. Boehner's talking tough.  Boehner is going to move legislation that would defund the elements of Homeland Security which would implement Obama's amnesty, which means it would be shut off.  However, that has to go to the Senate. Yeah, the Republicans run the Senate, but the Chamber of Commerce runs the Republicans.  The Wall Street Journal runs the Chamber of Commerce, or vice-versa.  So who knows if this even comes out of the Senate. Who knows? There may even be a bill that dies in the Senate and Boehner and the House Republicans do what they're doing today just for the purposes of demonstrating their toughness and their resolve, and they're going after Obama, and it's meant to satisfy you.

From: sherzieve.....Has Obama seen the light? Apparently no 

From: tpath@1791.comOPEN LETTER TO GOVERNOR CHRISTIE   - and- Constitution Party Meeting
To: Hon. Governor Chris Christie,   Address: State House of Trenton.   125 W State St, Trenton, NJ 08608   -   January 14, 2015
Dear Governor Christie,
It is certain you clearly understand that our beautiful state has been governed by progressives and their leftist policies, which have for several decades now, damaged New Jersey in many ways.  We know this because during your campaigns, on many occasions, while seeking our support, you told us so.  It was you who promised to fix this mess and bring New Jersey back to the state of true Liberty and Prosperity.  MORE>>>>>     ---------------------------------------------------------
NOTICE OF EVENT.....This Saturday the Constitution Party will be holding a special meeting at:THE TOWN AND COUNTRY RESTAURANT,  KEYPORT, NJ,  10:00 AM  Click here for more information

From: charlite...Sincere thanks to Jim O'Neill for reminding us of this report that he assembled and posted on CFP five years ago this month. Considering current events, it seems to me that Jim's collection of historical reactions of free people and their contemporary the global scourge of Islam............should be reintroduced to as many of today's readers as possible. Please send this piece around to everyone you know. It's WAKE UP time. Thousands of people all over the world have been characterizing last week's atrocities in Paris 'the watershed moment' for the entire planet. Al Sisi - President of Egypt - is the only high ranking Muslim leader to speak about the hideous ideology of blood-thirsty, barbaric Islamic conquest. That's a good start, but it isn't nearly enough. The entire 1400 history of this primitive desert death cult must be exposed and banished from the world. PLEASE SEND THIS AROUND. - CB
Hey, let’s talk about Islam!  Jim O'Neill,

BJ3: Where's Michael been? Haven’t noticed anything from him in a looong time. As for the question in the title...of course it can, as Michael may recall our saying, all it takes is one simple public request... From: D, Johnson   From: FrontPage Mag...

From: Jenny...Hatch, Rubio, Flake Co-Sponsor Bill to Increase H-1B Guest-Worker Visas

From: DON HANK ...I regret not having available this information when I was writing my last article "Good jihadi bad jihadi". I strongly suspected all the absurd support for Islam among the top Western pols was bought and paid for by the Saudis, etc.
Muslim governments buying off Western pols (Merkel?)
From: katwoman0852
   There will be more and more of nursing homes closures as Ocare goes on and since I volunteer at one here in Amarillo see the results after each cut and some has no family to turn to and even with family some are no better off.
Nursing home to close after Medicare cuts | Amarillo Globe-News

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