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At the Western Governor’s Association meeting in Las Vegas this weekend, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R Advertising) reportedly said that he’s “eager to work with” the conservative newcomers in the Republican-led Assembly caucus and is ready to “get to work.”


If that’s true, then the governor should issue a PUBLIC, not private, statement telling moderate disaffected Republican Assemblymen Paul Anderson and Pat “The Appeaser” Hickey to stand down from the “nuclear option” and stop trying to form a coalition government in the lower house by scheming with the Democrats to unseat Speaker-designate John Hambrick.

Unless the governor tells Anderson and Hickey to knock it off, one can only assume he supports their efforts.

Speaking of which, Anderson is still slated to take over as chair of the powerful Assembly Ways and Means Committee.  Hambrick should tell him that unless he immediately ceases and desists from plotting to deploy the nuclear option and publicly declare that he won’t pursue it, Hambrick will remove him from that committee chairmanship.

It’s time for these crybaby moderates to stop their temper-tantrum, accept reality and get with the program.  If not, it’s time to put them in “time out.”  Or better, take a switch to them.

Somebody get Adrian Peterson on the phone.


I fueled up my gas-guzzler today and paid just $2.69 a gallon. 

Wow, what a difference an incoming Republican U.S. Senate makes, huh?  Heck, with a GOP prez in 2016, we might even get back to the pre-Obama level of two bucks a gallon!

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Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-without-a-TV-show, wrote something interesting and insightful today.

Ha.  Just kidding.

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Speaking of Ralston, though, the man is panting like a jilted lover after incoming Assembly Majority Leader Michele Fiore. 

Ralston has attacked Fiore furiously over the last several months, and yet wrote in his blog the other day…

“I attempted to reach Fiore three different ways on Wednesday afternoon – by phone, by email (to three different addresses) and by tweeting at her. I received no response.”

Gee, “Jonny Boy” (as Fiore loves to call him), I wonder why?

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At Interim Finance Committee hearing today, the Sandoval administration fired the first salvos in the coming “Mother of All Tax Hikes: The Sequel” battle, outlining projected budget shortfalls.  This resulted in moderate Assemblyman Paul Anderson (RINO-Las Vegas) to quip, “We’re walking into a hole.”

Make no mistake.  It’s a hole that Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R Advertising) dug himself!

For four years now, Sandoval has been growing government – such as Medicaid expansion, creation of a state-run ObamaCare exchange and new ELL programs - relying to the extension of “temporary” tax hikes and budget gimmicks – such as draining the “rainy day” fund and getting the mining industry to prepay their tax obligations – rather doing the hard work of cutting government and setting spending priorities.

Only a liberal or a RINO or a defrocked TV pundit would suggest the ONLY option to get out of Sandoval’s budget hole is to increase taxes.


"I know there are a lot of kids out there that look up to me.  I always just tell them to not let anybody tell you cannot do something if you want to do something.  As long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, do it.  Choose a path and work towards it to the best of your ability.”  - Phil Brooks, a.k.a. “CM Punk,” on his decision to leave the WWE and become a UFC fighter even though, at 36, he has no previous fighting experience


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