Thursday, December 11, 2014


1. Spending Deal Blocks the Obama administration from Using Taxpayer Funds to Bail Out Health Insurers - by Jason Pye
There are plenty of provisions in the newly released $1.014 trillion hybrid spending bill, dubbed the "CROmnibus," that are unwise, wasteful, and bad public policy. There are, however, some policy victories tucked away in the more than 1,600-page document, among them a provision that blocks the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services from using taxpayer funds to bailout health insurance companies that participate in ObamaCare. Read more here...

2. Why These Teachers Quit Their Jobs. Hint: Common Core - by Julie Borowski
There’s a national discussion going on about Common Core educational standards. Polls continue to show that most Americans oppose Common Core. Support is also dropping among teachers. Some educators have actually resigned because of the problems associated with Common Core.
Here are a few examples: Read more here...
3. Watch Part 2 of Matt Kibbe's Interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano
In Part 2 of his interview with FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe, Judge Andrew Napolitano talks public schools, national debt, perpetual war, executive overreach, and what liberty-minded activists can do to push back against big government. Watch here...
judge nap2.png
4. Jonathan Gruber Contradicted Himself on the Availability of ObamaCare Subsidies in a Big Way - by Jason Pye
In addition to his stunning arrogance and the insincerity of the so-called "apology" he offered to American public on Tuesday, Jonathan Gruber gave a new, albeit completely misleading defense of remarks he's made about the availability of ObamaCare subsidies to states that don't set up their own exchanges. Read more here...
5. The FTC vs. the FCC on Net Neutrality - by Logan Albright
A turf war among regulators may be shaping up in the battle over Net Neutrality. A group of 32 academics, who oppose Net Neutrality on free market grounds, are asking that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) weigh in on the debate. The letter argues that the FTC already has the authority to deal with anticompetitive behavior, and that the agency should say as much. Read more here...
6. Obama Ignores Black Rising Unemployment Rate - by Deneen Borelli
At the White House introduction of Ash Carter as the nominee for Defense Secretary, President Obama touted the November jobs report from the Labor Department. Missing from his remarks, however, was the bad news for black Americans.
Obama said: Read more here...
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