Thursday, November 13, 2014


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

Attention all property owners,

The government will have more authority over your land if their
proposed expansion of the Clean Water Act is approved. The proposal
includes expanding the definition of WOTUS (water of the United
States) from all navigable waters to any water that has a bed, a bank
and a high water mark. This definition would allow the EPA to claim
authority over virtually all US soil. If this bothers you, we have
until Friday evening to place a complaint at this web site:

Click on the “Take Action Now” button, and follow the instructions.
You will give your name and address and then be given a place to give
your specific situation. To the right of the box is a tab labeled
“talking points”. When you open this tab, you will find the type of
information that will be helpful in stopping this regulation.

Please forward this information to all your neighbors.

For God and Country,

Bro. Johnson

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