Monday, October 6, 2014


Help us establish a standing army of Tea Party Activists across the country ready to engage in 2014 and 2016!

I have a simple but urgent question for you:
Do you still want to get Washington's excessive spending and lawlessness under control?

If YES, we need you to please renew your support for the TEA PARTY today!

Here is what we work on as a team every day:

  • Limited Federal Government
  • Individual Freedom
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Free and Unregulated Markets
  • Return Political Power to the States and the People
The latest attacks on America by the current administration is astonishing.  We have Democratic Senators attacking the First Amendment and the Presidents team giving the tools and funding to Taliban terrorists to plan more devastating attacks against America soil.

We need your help and dedication every month, to help us:
  • Provide free tools and resources to Tea Partiers across the nation
  • Provide educational and relevant news daily to keep members interested and engaged.
  • Affect government by having members contract Washington D.C. directly on key policies
  • Sponsor and host live Tea Party events
  • Recruit new members through outreach on traditional and new media
  • Plus many, many more activist activities to help Americas save its freedoms
Are you ready to keep fighting? Do you still stand with us and desire the same goals as we do? If so we need your help now more than ever!

We are focus to make a difference in 2014 election cycle and we cannot do it without your help. Grassroots activism made a huge impact in 2012 and we know with your help we can the same in 2014 and 2016.

Can we count on your support?

Sign up now to become part of the Paul Revere Patriot Club:
  • ​$10 Patriot Level
  • $25 Minuteman Level
  • $100 Founding Father Level
Membership benefits include, access to monthly calls on strategy and the direction of the movement, access to Townhalls featuring Tea Party congressional members and leaders, membership packages and anniversary gifts such as awards, Jon McNaughton prints and signed photos from prominent Conservatives.
We cannot allow this country to fail, please consider helping us to exceed the funding we need to defeat our Socialist opponents every month. This movement to save our Constitution and country will only go as far as the American people will take it.
You are the last hope America has to keep us as Ronald Reagan said “that shining city on the hill”.

Thank you,
Niger Innis
Executive Director

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