Thursday, October 30, 2014


Nunn: Obama’s 51st Vote in the Senate

Dear Conservatives,

If elected, liberal Michelle Nunn will be Obama’s 51st vote, PERIOD.

She’ll vote to FULLY fund Obamacare — with massive new tax and debt ceiling hikes.

She’ll back Obama’s illegal ‘Executive Amnesty’ edict.

Nunn will also support Obama’s ‘open borders’ and ‘open airports’ protocols for travelers from Ebola-infected West Africa.

The fact is, Michelle Nunn will be a loyal Washington Democrat — a reliable vote for the Obama regime -- 100% of the time.

This cannot be allowed to happen.  Help Us to Stop Her Now

There are less than 5-days until the election.

Georgia’s Senate race is DEADLOCKED.

If you live in Georgia, please vote.  If you do not, but know someone who does, please strongly encourage them to vote.

This election is SO close, it could easily be decided by just a handful of votes — or even in a recount.

Help us to WIN this election outright.
As a Senator, the most important vote Michelle Nunn would ever cast would be her first — a vote to reelect Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

Thank you for all that you’re doing to take back our country from Obama.

Bob Adams
President & Founder
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