Friday, September 5, 2014


Submitted by: Donald Hank

Ex-CIA agent: US established Sharia law in Iraq-Afghan (Bush and Obama both!)

In many articles during Bush, the emphasis was never we were at war with Islam; it was always the "terrorists" / terrorism. Bush promoted Islam as a religion of peace or some variant on the religion of peace. This was the syllabus during all of Bush and has continued throughout Obama. For some reason I recall Pat Buchanan's writings on the subject, among others I do not recall of the past 14 years, sounded that amorphous theme of fighting "terrorism." Definitely, at least other names in numerous articles of the past decade is Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente, and likely Alex Jones. This fight was designed to be ongoing and NEVER ending.  

Rasmussen has had a number of polls on the fight of terrorism and, I believe, a solid majority state we are losing this fight. IMO, most Americans -- I was at one time one of them for X number of months, not years, very early on believed the war on terrorism to be genuine. To this day, Rasmussen has had a couple of polls dealing with the US war machine. Most Americans have no idea that we spend about .8 of one TRILLION dollars, more than 14 First World countries in total. I can hear it now -- can you?  -- as the pols (I think this is especially true of Republicans, as I think the party gets somewhat more $$$$ for campaign contributions from defense contractors) every time state we have to have a strong national defense. 

(A Rasmussen poll I have duplicates the $720 billion plus $120+ billion for other associated expenses listed here.)

(In at least one article of the past couple of years, Pat Buchanan has called the Republican Party the war party...John McCain and Lindsay Graham from South Carolina always. There are others, but these two neocons always but always are itching to expend American blood, not theirs of course.)

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