Friday, May 30, 2014



My liberal opponent John Walsh loves Whoppers.

His campaign has released two new ads, which together have been described by media fact checkers as unsupported, exaggerated, and "going too far." In fact, one of his attacks was such a blatant lie, it received the "Whopper" award. We all knew hits were coming and these are just among the first of many ridiculous attacks on my good record.

  This is what we've come to expect from Democrats in U.S. Senate....they weren't honest about Obamacare and they certainly aren't going to be honest in their attacks on me either.

Harry Reid's Senate is failing our country and they don't deserve to lead. America needs a conservative Senate, and that begins with turning back this latest round of false attacks made against me by liberal appointed Senator John Walsh. Can you help me?

A double Whopper at Burger King is only $4.89. Unfortunately, Walsh is blasting Montana airwaves with more than $200,000 in his double whopper attack.

Will you make an immediate "Whopper" contribution of $48.90, $84.90, $489.00 or more right now to help me respond with full force to this latest round of attacks?

My campaign team has been hard at work and we have a plan that I'm confident can win this race. But it all depends on us coming through with the funding to execute that plan without compromising.

If we fall short on fundraising, that means cutting key programs. And I just don't see how we can accept settling for that when we know what's at stake.

So will you make an immediate contribution to my campaign right away? I can't win this race without your immediate and strong support.

The future of our country depends on conservatives taking back the Senate so we can unravel Obamacare and address critical priorities like creating jobs, lowering taxes, and reducing the size of government.

I hope that you're ready to stand with me.


Steve Daines

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