Sunday, May 25, 2014


Fellow Conservatives:

As we celebrate Memorial Day, a fitting tribute to the men and women who have worn our nation’s uniform would be to put our conservative values to work to ensure that they receive the finest health care possible.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen what many veterans have known for years -- that the government-run veterans health care system is plagued with delays, rationing, and poor care.

Unfortunately, the VA health care system is a microcosm of what we’re going to see as Obamacare takes hold -- bureaucrats hiding failure, patients being denied care, and our neighbors suffering as they wait for the government to provide them with the care they deserve.

The big spenders in Congress will react to the VA tragedy the way they react to every tragedy. They will spend more money. But we know this isn’t the solution. If it were, the DC school system would be the envy of the world and would be the most effective website on the Internet.

Put simply, increasing spending is just whitewash for lawmakers who aren't willing to implement real reforms. 

Our veterans deserve a health care system that measures up to the sacrifice they made for our country. Specifically, they deserve access to private health care providers outside of a government-run system. And they should not be forced to travel long distances to see a doctor.

Col. Rob Maness (R-LA) -- the SCF-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana -- has outlined a "Freedom Plan for Veterans" that would implement many of these important reforms.

But unless Americans demand changes, Congress won't make them. 

In the next few months, the Senate could consider a VA funding bill that will likely throw more money at the problem. Some courageous conservatives may insist on making real reforms, but they will be relentlessly attacked. Liberals will say they don't care about our veterans.

Freedom-loving Americans need to stand with conservatives in demanding that Congress free our veterans from a failing government health care system so our veterans get the care they deserve.

We also need to insist on the full repeal of Obamacare, which is forcing a failed, government-run health care system on all Americans. 

The VA is just another example of Washington-centric approaches letting us down. It’s one of the many reasons that SCF fights for conservative values in Washington and for conservative lawmakers on the campaign trail.

This Memorial Day, we hope you will join us in praying for those who defend our nation and in fighting to honor them with real solutions in Washington.

Best regards,

Matt Hoskins
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund

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