Sunday, March 9, 2014


Submitted by: Donald Hank

We had a chance to sniff Sen Cruz. Many didn't particularly care for the smell. We sniffed Bushite John Bolton and it smelled neocon, and how.
We know that Romney is pure GOP baloney. McCain was even worse. If that is possible. Jeb is Dubbya redux. No thanks. No need for further vetting. The answer is no thanks.
Conservatives are tired of having to hold their nose and more are staying home from election to election.
Will the GOP swallow their New World Order pride and give us a break next time?
Will that break be named Jeff Sessions?
Dave Levine, host of the Dave Levine Show, has the best nose in the business. If he endorses a candidate, I will almost certainly do likewise.
Dave and others seem to be saying 'draft Jeff Sessions.'
So be it.
Don Hank
I believe Senator Sessions just won over a lot of Conservatives "hungry" for a leader with this raking over the coals" of Obama's OMB Director (See video) and all he did was ask a simple question (which of course she refused to answer "yes or no" at

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