Sunday, March 16, 2014

NEWS WITH VIEWS 03/16/2014

Addressing concerns over “Son of God” film
Not surprisingly the movie “Son of God” has created quite a stir in the Christian community.  Before I gave the theater my money I read several reviews, blog posts, Facebook comments and viewed TV interviews of husband and wife team Mark Burnett and Roma Downey promoting their film.  Roma is a familiar face to many and is best-known for her role on the successful TV show “Touched by An Angel.”......
by Marsha West

The Coming Battle
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Political Sermons From Pastors in the Founding Era, Part 30
West continues to make a point that there is obedience required to those in authority but he continues to remind them that those in authority are to be doing God’s will. Keep in mind that West’s audience is the House of Representatives for the Colony of Massachusetts.......
by Pastor Roger Angis
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Sing(apore) for Your Supper
People whose lives lack objective measure amble and dawdle through the day. By contrast, God directed the Israelites to move with such haste that even the dough wouldn't have time to rise. (Those of us who have ever been shocked to realize how long we spent surfing the Internet would do well to learn this lesson.)......
by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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