Friday, March 7, 2014

GRASSTOPS USA 03/07/2014

"It is the responsibility of the patriot to protect his country
from its government." ~ Thomas Paine
A New Revolution?
Obama Orders The Murder Of Two Americans
Posted On America's Conservative News

According to Jeremy Scahill's blockbuster book and academy award-nominated documentary Dirty Wars, Obama ordered the execution of two American citizens in Yemen, details of which have been hidden from the American public.

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The #1 Threat That Can Destroy Life As You Know It.
Celebrities such as Judge Jeanine Pirro and even elected officials on both sides of the aisle, such as Congressman Fred Upton and Senator Chuck Schumer, agree that this event is an imminent threat to your way of life.

Find out more about this threat and how to protect yourself.

Judgment On The Current Regime
Marco Rubio At CPAC 2014: The Illegitimacy Of Tyranny
By John Hayward

There is no substitute for American leadership, and no true leadership without moral judgment.

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How To Survive When America Collapses
When China freezes our money and the banks collapse... when the power grid shuts down... you'll want to avoid the five most common mistakes that preppers make... critical things that could mean the difference between life and death.

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Thrifty Capped On Spending Own Money On Own Health
Obamacare Blocks Patients Paying For Treatment
By Bob Unruh

Needed help can be denied 'even if patient is willing,' able to cover costs.

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The Government Has A Plan For You...
This man says the U.S. is currently in store for an apocalypse of biblical proportions. The government knows exactly what's coming. The government is prepared, but nobody, repeat nobody, else knows what is to come. Watch this shocking video now or hate yourself later.

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Drawing A Line
A Cop-Killer Advocate Goes Down In Flames In The Senate
By Arnold Ahlert

In a major defeat for the Obama administration, the Senate voted 52 to 47 to block the confirmation of Debo Adegbile, President Obama's nominee to head the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department.

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