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Lenten Blessings - True Christianity and What is Not !!!

Black Star update - Op Paperclip evil unholy allaince !!!

Earth is in different orbit positions relative to the Sun and black star with each
black star orbit cycle. Very seldom will a media outlet such as USA TODAY publish
the following subject matter in their daily newspaper - Nazi brainpower made America
a military superpower, 'Operation Paperclip' reveals the deep story of an unholy alliance.
Debbie Schlussel takes to task Code Pinkos and the DumbDowned America.
LPAC - TV impeaches the NWO. There's two intense videos and ...
at the end there's a view of HeLL ...

So Sad, Too Bad: Egyptian Police Detain Code Pink Hag-in-Chief
Trying to Aid HAMAS, Rough Her Up – How It’s Done
by Debbie Schlussel

I don’t know why anyone refers to Code Pink as “anti-war.” Nuh-uh. It’s a pro-terrorist group. Plain and simple. And the Egyptian military knows how to deal with them far better than America did in Iraq and Afghanistan and now on our own shores. Code Pinkos tried to help the HAMASniks in Gaza, but the Egyptian police stopped at least one of ‘em–the sexy-as-hell Pinko-Hag-in-Chief Medea Benjamin (well, I meant to say “looks-challenged,” but that wouldn’t be nice!). And they treated Code Pink’s founder with less than the kid gloves we use. This is how it’s done: […]

... here's the soft shoe ...
CODEPINK Co-founder Medea Benjamin Detained, Attacked and Deported
from Egypt en route to Gaza with International Delegation of Women

w vid ... In response to a call from the women of Gaza, Benjamin was travelling through Egypt to be a part of the CODEPINK contingent of an international coalition of 100 women travelling to Gaza to witness the hardships facing the 1.7 million residents, deliver humanitarian aid, and call attention to the need for a longer-term strategy to achieve peace and justice for Palestinians. [...]

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2 + 2 = 5 ... Say good-bye, America. We are Mediocrity Nation extraordinaire ...

Dumbing Down of SATs Reflects Dumbing Down of US; “Prevaricate” No Longer “Relevant”
by Debbie Schlussel

w vid They need to change the name of the SATs to SDTs (which is pretty close to the thing students get most out of college: STDs).
It’s no longer the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It’s the Scholastic Dummies Test. The SATs are being dumbed down again, pursuant
to whiners whose kids just aren’t that […]

LPAC-TV impeaches the NWO

'COULD THIS BE-The End of THE ELITES-Obama, Queen Elizabeth II and The Vatican' (19:33)

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Thanks Nancy Battle for

Chris Hodges interviews
12-22-13 Ex-CIA Asset Jim Garrow - Coup In U.S. Very Close (9:59)

Col. Riley On Operation American Spring: 1.8 Million Patriots Already Onboard
AMERICAN SPRING MAY 16th - Col. Riley Speaks "We have no other choice" (28:29)
Operation American Spring, Col Harry Riley interviewed by former Marine Pete Santilli.

O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things;
thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

Isaiah 25:1 KJV

Black Star update - Op Paperclip evil unholy allaince !!!

Black Star Report: Spring 2014
All indications say the black star is now transitioning from the Virgo to the Libra Constellation with increasing velocity, as the black star appears to be moving towards a perihelion event with our Sun. The leading explanation today says that the black star is the binary twin to our Sun that formed from the same dust cloud more than 4.5 billion years ago that was much larger than our Sun, until exhausting available resources to implode upon itself creating an anomalous celestial object with a planetary relationship with our Sun. This black star appears to be moving into the inner solar system on 3600-year cycles and responsible for earth changes connected to Noah and Moses on previous orbit cycles. Our difficulty in recognizing a clear repeating pattern from the historical precedents is due to the fact that black star interacts with the inner solar system, while Earth is in different orbit positions relative to the Sun and black star with each black star orbit cycle.

Imagine that Earth position relative to the Sun is divided into 365 different locations some 1.6 million miles apart representing the distance that our planet travels around the hub of our solar system represented by 365 segments of a roulette wheel. Earth has 365 different positions in our orbit around the Sun relative to the black star reaching perihelion, or the time when the black star is moving at maximum velocity at a location nearest the Sun. Earth can be on the far side of the solar system with the Sun standing between the Earth and black star, which means the Sun retains magnetic polarity control of our planet throughout the black star orbit cycle representing the most-favorable position for our planet. However, the black star can also be directly between the Sun and Earth creating environmental conditions for a geological pole shift tipping our planet over like a spinning top wobbling out of control causing the ocean waters to crawl upon the land wiping out a high percentage of the population living near the coast.

The world volcanoes continue to show high activity through this current 3+ month earth change lull period indicating that Earth core temperatures are remaining high and our planet is having difficulty maintaining equilibrium. The seismic data relating to earthquake activity shows that we have three to five more weeks of earth change lull period with numbers of indicator quakes hovering around the 200-per-week average trending in a downward direction, as Earth moves nearer to outside orbit position relative to the Sun and black star. The Sun/Earth and black star/Earth magnetic portal connections appear to be disconnecting and reconnecting on the same side of our planet through this period, but the change should take place around February 1, 2014 once these two diverging magnetic portal connections make the right triangle. That marks the time that the Sun/Earth and black star/Earth magnetic portal connections begin disconnecting and reconnecting on opposite sides of the planet and migrating animals begin losing their way from the bending of magnetic lines caused by an enlarging magnetic vortex that forms over the magnetic North Pole. This phenomenon causes migrating animals to travel east and west rather than north and south between their food sources. Magnetic lines moving over land masses cause the migrating fish to pile up on the shores of Scotland, Sweden and Norway on the Atlantic Ocean side of the equation and on the coasts of Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon and California on the Pacific Ocean side in most cases, but with some exceptions.

The 2.5 to 4-magnitude indicator quake values should reach a low point in the seismic chart in the week of February 1, 2014 with weekly values rising each week once the next Earth orbit cycle begins relative to the black star now moving through the Libra Constellation. I expect the earth change uptick to become more severe with each orbit cycle with the longest uptick period running from February through the end of May for 2014. We should expect to see a pair of 7-magnitude earthquake events in the Pacific Ocean along the Ring of Fire in the month of February with extreme stress to the tectonic plates between the Solomon Islands and an area just north of Japan. The coming Sun/Earth/black star nearside alignment event is expected to take place in the third week of May, which coincides with the potential for a ‘crossing event’ with internal solar system environmental conditions supporting a potential geological pole shift for our planet.

Extreme solar flare activity is anticipated for the month of May 2014, as Saturn is now moving through Libra and expected to conjoin with the black star in late April or early May of this year. Earth will orbit directly into harm’s way with the ringed planet, Earth and the black star all moving through the Libra Constellation at the same time relative to the Sun dramatically increasing the probability of magnetic portal connection electromagnetic cross firing that generate electromagnetic clouds rushing towards the Sun. The Sun interprets these fast-moving electromagnetic clouds as threats causing the Sun to release a flurry of solar flares like the ones we witnessed with the recent Earth/Sun/black star backside alignment before and after the 7.2 Japan Quake Event from October 25, 2013, when Earth passed behind the Sun coming into alignment with the black star.

Fireballs/meteors from space will continue on the uptick throughout the 2014 Earth orbit cycle with increased frequency along with sinkhole formation around the globe in record numbers. Lettered agency-run desensitizing operations should continue on the uptick like we saw with James McCanney and others yelling and screaming throughout the Comet S1/2012 Psyop that mirrors the Elenin Psyop used throughout the 2011 Earth orbit cycle where John Moore’s feature disinformation tool was LUCUS. I expect James McCanney to leave the Nibiru/Planet X/mini solar system scene like LUCUS to be replaced by another upgrade that could see Richard Hoagland or another NASA-type taking over to run the next phase of the disinformation/desensitizing operation ensuring that the sheeple are going ‘baaaaaaa’ and ‘Peace and Safety!,’ as the black star moves in to begin terraforming the planet to fulfill the Georgia Guidestones Agenda for the New World Order.

Continue reading in Terral's 2014 Newsletter Volume 9 (56 page pdf)

Black Star Update February 27, 2014 (15:00)
Terral BlackStar -

Very seldom will a media outlet such as USA TODAY publish
the following subject matter in their daily newspaper ...

How Nazi brainpower made America a military superpower
'Operation Paperclip' reveals the deep story of an unholy alliance

by Matt Damsker - Special for USA TODAY

It's hard to a imagine a greater case of moral compromise than Operation Paperclip, by which the U.S. government delivered a rogue's gallery of Nazi scientists to America, all in the name of Cold War competition and in the spirit of post-World War II spoil-taking.

This was the cream of Hitler's crop – the rocket-science geniuses and genocidal doctors who did so much to make the Third Reich what it was: a blitzkrieg-ing, slave-laboring extermination machine, the epitome of 20th-century inhumanity.

Bureaucracies, of course, especially state departments and intelligence agencies, are often tasked with splitting the difference between abhorrent actors and what they can do to advance noble ambitions, and that was the necessary mind-set of Paperclip.

Europe's rubble had barely begun to smolder when, in 1944, as Allied armies advanced on Hitler's Berlin, teams of U.S. experts were plundering the abandoned apartments of Nazi scientists. The future of U.S. superiority in everything from chemical and biological warfare to the fruits of its space program depended on gaining these German brains.

Never mind, for the moment, that more than a few of these specialists were behind murderous medical experiments at concentration camps, would be accused of war crimes, stand trial at Nuremburg, and in at least one case – that of Theodor Benzinger – would mysteriously vanish from the defendants' list. Once released into U.S. Army custody, Benzinger would toil comfortably for the American military for the rest of his long career. He invented the ear thermometer, hurrah.

Such is the essence of Annie Jacobsen's important, superbly written yet grueling slog through mountains of documentation, much of it obtained by Freedom of Information Act requests and detailed here for the first time.

Operation Paperclip amounts to Jacobsen's J'Accuse, hurled at the hidden hive of America's postwar ambition. As history, it certainly outdoes her best-selling exposé, Area 51, which sifted the truths and legends of the top-secret Nevada test site where spy planes were developed and to which rumors of UFO and alien capture will always cling.

With Operation Paperclip, Jacobsen shows how governmental secrecy and its blinkered morality veiled, for so long, the enormity of Nazi crimes perpetrated by the hundreds of technologists who were put on the U.S. payroll.

But does time dull our capacity for outrage over Jacobsen's accounting? We've long known, after all, that a Nazi player such as Werner von Braun — so central to the sky-screaming V1 and V2 rockets, those Nazi "wonder weapons," or Wunderwaffe, that Hitler launched against Great Britain and northern Europe — was an indispensable factor in America's space program. Indeed, he was the rock star of NASA's early days, celebrated by Walt Disney, and much honored.

It's not exactly news that other lights of the Third Reich were succored on U.S. shores despite their war crimes. Jacobsen's intense investigation brings to the surface more Nazi names and deeds, and the full extent of Paperclip's duplicity, at a moment, perhaps, of cultural exhaustion regarding America's checkered choices.

For as hard as it has been to wrap our minds around the facts of the Holocaust – and, for many of us, it took the artifice of William Styron's Sophie's Choice and the realism of Schindler's List to do so – it's even harder to assess the value-to-evil ratio of Operation Paperclip.

Would America have become the world's superpower, would America's life-saving advances in science and medicine have been possible without Nazi brainpower? Quite possibly – our Manhattan Project beat Hitler in the race to develop an atomic bomb. But if not, would that have been worth the price of prosecuting and punishing the Nazi eggheads rather than granting them a whitewashed sanctuary?

Jacobsen's book allows us to explore these questions with the ultimate tool: hard evidence. She confronts us with the full extent of Paperclip's deal with the devil, and it's difficult to look away. We need to know these truths, as ends in themselves: that General Malcolm Grow and Colonel Harry Armstrong, who became the first and second surgeons general of the U.S. Air Force, hired the first 58 Nazi doctors for Paperclip.
If we agree that history is written by the winners, Jacobsen asks us to decide what matters in the telling.

Annie Jacobsen interview ...
"Operation Paperclip" U.S. Government Recruited Nazi Scientists To Work For The C.I.A. (7:39)

In yet another instance of "conspiracy theory" being proven as fact, NYT bestseller and investigative journalist Annie Jacobson
discusses her latest book, "Operation Paperclip," which blows the cover off America's covert post-WWII intelligence
program which facilitated the move of Hitler's top scientists out of Germany to the United States.

Trunews February 21, 2014 - "Operation Paperclip: Nazi Scientists in the U.S." (59:03)

Annie Jacobsen, Columnist, Los Angeles Times Magazine; Author, Area 51:
An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base
Gil Gross, KGO Radio Host - Moderator

Annie Jacobsen - The Uncensored History of Area 51 (1:03:55)

Annie Jacobsen, Area 51 and UFOs
by Dr Kevin Randle

... But the MSM media listens to this because Annie Jacobsen, who is a contributing editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine said that she interviewed a guy, who remains nameless and he said so. Deformed children the result of the horrific “experiments” of Mengele in some kind of Horten Brothers flying wing for the extraterrestrial flavor. Stalin thought this “War of the Worlds” scenario would create public panic, though I’m at a loss to understand what he would have gained by this. [...]

'Sapphic view of Hell' is a more accurate title ...
'Beauty' is the title the producers gave this vid ...
When paintings come to life in (HD) w 'adult content' ... (9:49)

Anunnaki Blood (18:20)

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