Saturday, January 4, 2014


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

We watched as the head of our NSA lied before Congress.

When asked, in specific terms, "Is the NSA eavesdropping on thousands, if not millions of U.S. citizens," Clappers answer was:

"NO...(then added)...NO, NOT WITTINGLY."

If Congress ever charges a single person with, 'lying before Congress,' the defense will be clear and simple. ' 

You allowed a lie to go unpunished and now want to punish someone for lying to you about something as trivial as the crime you are now charging...IS THIS A JOKE?'

We have allowed Attorney General, Eric Holder, to lie before Congress. We have heard other Obama Administration officials to lie before Congress. Now we have heard Clapper lie.

Just who is running this CIRCUS? Why is there no consequence for total dishonest statements in Congressional hearings?

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