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Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

President Obama is using the IRS to destroy or render powerless his political adversaries.  He has been caught doing this in previous elections, but continues politicizing the IRS nonetheless.
Now, recently proposed IRS guidelines subvert a Supreme Court ruling and impose even more restrictions on organizations that dare oppose Barack Obama’s agenda.  He fully intends to impact the outcome of the 2014 elections through the IRS

Please see my very important update below – Mat.

Amidst the ongoing investigations into the IRS’ targeting of conservative organizations during the 2010 and 2012 elections, comes the news that the powerful agency is seeking to enact new regulations to suppress organizations the President sees as standing in his way. 
The new regulations targeting 501(c)(4) organizations would greatly impact Liberty Counsel Action (LCA). The proposed rules undermine a Supreme Court ruling that struck down similar oppression, which Barack Obama openly decried in his 2010 State of the Union Address when he broke all decorum and openly rebuked the Justices listening to the address. 
The new guidelines, quietly announced just before the recent  Thanksgiving holiday to ensure they wouldn’t be widely publicized, go even further than what the Court declared to be unconstitutional. 
In Citizens United v. FEC, the High Court struck down two provisions in the McCain-Feingold Act by declaring that corporations may spend freely to support or oppose candidates for president and Congress, and struck down the measure that barred ads by labor unions and corporate sponsors in the closing days of election campaigns.
In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court determined the law violated the First Amendment. 
You may recall the disgraceful scene when President Obama openly chastised Supreme Court Justices in his State of the Union address a few months after the Court’s decision was announced.  It was truly one of the low points in a presidency which has many other disgraceful events contributing to an increasingly sad legacy.   
Now, taking matters into his own hands, Barack Obama has directed his henchmen at the IRS to reinstate similar rules against 501(c)(4) organizations – taking those rules even further than the ones struck down by the Court in Citizens United
++This latest attempt to politicize the IRS is totally outrageous!
The proposed new rules not only outline select words that cannot be used by our organization and other similar groups, it greatly expands the list of who is included as being untouchable “candidates.”
In the proposed regulations, a “candidate” is defined as “an individual who identifies himself or is proposed by another for selection, nomination, election, or appointment to any public office or office in a political organization, or to be a Presidential or Vice-Presidential elector, whether or not the individual is ultimately selected, nominated, elected, or appointed.”
In other words, ANY “candidate” for office is excluded from comment on the part of 501 (c)(4) groups, from local sheriffs to president of the country. The rule also prohibits our ability to “call out” presidential nominees or anyone seeking federal agency or military appointments. 
The new regulations are a further slap in the face to the Supreme Court ruling! They are an assault on our First Amendment rights! And they are an overt, reprehensible abuse of power! 
++The IRS will have sole authority to determine who is in compliance with the rules and who is not. 
Given the recent IRS history of targeted prejudice, I do not believe that all 501(c)(4) organizations will be held to the same standard. 
Barack Obama’s own “Organizing for America” will certainly not be held to the same standards as Liberty Counsel Action! 
The new regulations already protect labor unions and trade associations by excluding them from compliance. This is just the beginning of selective enforcement. 
This is why we are petitioning the Senate Committee on Finance: Taxation and IRS Oversight to ensure all 501(c)(4) organizations formed to promote conservative values will be treated fairly by the IRS. We are also registering our disapproval (without including any of our supporters’ names or addresses) with the IRS “open commentary” mechanism.  
Please support our Stop the IRS War on Conservatives  petition by adding your name. We need 50,000 signatures to make a strong statement on the first delivery. 
++Congress weighs in on the IRS regulations… 
As reported by the Washington Free Beacon…
Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.), who has spearheaded the congressional investigation into the IRS’ targeting of Tea Party groups, called the guidance “a crass political effort by the administration to get what political advantage they can, when they can.
The regulation released… continues [the administration's] unfortunate pattern of stifling constitutional free speech,” Issa said in a statement.
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah), ranking Republican on the Finance Committee, pledged to ‘thoroughly oversee this process to ensure politics aren’t brought to bear,’ citing concerns over the IRS’ treatment of Tea Party groups.
‘I find it unfortunate that the administration decided to move ahead with these new rules before the Finance Committee could conclude its bipartisan investigation into the targeting of those applying for tax-exempt status, Hatch added.”
Representative David Camp (R-MI), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee warned, “Before rushing forward with new rules, especially ones that appear to make it harder to engage in public debate, I would hope Treasury would let all the facts come out first.” 
It is imperative that we get our message heard by the Senate Committee on Finance: Taxation and IRS Oversight and notify the IRS of our intention to oppose the new regulations before the end of the open comment period in late February. 
Our supporters’ names will not be included in the letter to the IRS, but will be included in petitioning Congress. 
I urge you today to add your name to our petition, which we will initially deliver to Congress after they return from their Christmas break. Please, go here to add your voice to the protest:
The very existence of Liberty Counsel Action and other conservative action groups are at stake! 
Thank you for standing with us. God bless you,
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action
P.S. This is a transparent attempt by the Obama administration to sidestep the Supreme Court ruling and dispose of the President’s political adversaries through the IRS.

The basic right to free speech is being threatened by Obama’s IRS. This feared federal agency has become among the most dangerous as the Executive Branch continues to amass the power to silence and eliminate opponents of Barack Obama’s political agenda.

Please, take a minute and sign our petition to Stop the IRS War on Conservatives today:

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