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National MiddleClass Network DAILY NewsBriefer - 12-15-13
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BJ3: The column says, "On April 25, 2011, she certified that she witnessed the copying of the original COLB. The document that was certified as a true copy by Ms. Fuddy was handed to Judith Corely, Barack Obama’s personal attorney...".
     Really? Where did she do that? Certify it as being a "true copy"...and of what???
     Would someone please show us where Fuddy "certified" to that...that she witnessed the copying of Mr. Obama's true "Original Hawaiian Birth Certificate".  Where did she do that? Not on that copy.  Plus, the copy was certified as a copy of what? Certainly NOT his Original Hawaiian BC.
    Were that the case, why the heck wasn't it certified as "This is a true and accurate copy of Mr. Obama's Original Hawaiian Birth Certificate"?... which is what all the "media" WRONGLY (intentionally?) said it was certified as. In fact, it is NOT certified as anything even remotely close to that...and more like what Abercrumbie said he saw, which was NOT an original Hawaiian Birth Certificate.  See attached copy of that "certification". AND, the word "THE" therein" is spelled  "TXE" (in a seemimgly darker ink). A "typo"? really? on a rubber stamp? Where is that stamp and how many other actual birth certificates had that same "typo" at the time?
    And, of course, why all that theatre anyway? All Mr. Obama had to do (and still should do) is release HIS, OWN, ACTUAL, AT BIRTH, reportedly sealed and vaulted (at $5 milion taxpayers' expense), VALID, RIGHTLY-CERTIFIED AS HIS" Original Hawaiian Birth Certificate" DOCUMENT. Why have Hawaii do anything?  This way at least we'll all get the info from his own actual birth document.
    We've been saying this since 4-25-11.  Why are so few people picking this up?
    Btw, this column addresses (without clearing up) many of the same questions we raised...a main few being...where was she found dead?...from what?...who found her? the plane or in the water? If in the plane, how and when (if at all) was the body brought to shore...and by whom? If in the water, then she was still alive? Who last saw/touched her there? And those are just for openers.
From: Chris Kitze - BIN
Best one so far
Many questions loom in the death Loretta Fuddy by Doug Hagmann.
On 12/14/2013, bobjen3 wrote: Soooo...what the heck happened to her? Was her body found...and where? She apparently made it out of the plane/ TOO TOO TOO Many unanswered questions. It seems you have lose ends to chase...
BJ3: Now compare the above with this from Yahoo,,,and what the priest said.
From: Jenny
Fuddy's Plane Crash: Hawaii survivor: Plane lost power, then glided

BJ3: This is foolish..."According to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, because Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen and not an American citizen at the time of Barack’s birth, Barack is not eligible to be President". We don't agree...How the heck does the writer know ANYTHING "for a fact" about BHO's birth?  There is NO, VALID, RIGHTLY-CERTIFIED birth document released to prove such..AND law enforcement's forensic experts declared everything seen as forgeries. Plus, under what proven/ruled definition of "natural born citizen" does the writer come to his "ineligible" conclusion?  Really weak.
And, "impeachment" is a non-starter and loser anyway since there is no null and void with conviction.
From: ORYR
WCJ: How To Remove Ineligible Obama From Office; Yes We Can!? image credit: terrellaftermath @ wcj - How To Remove  Obama From Office By Rick Badman ...
GOP to Us: We Can't Win, So Shut Up      December 13, 2013
RUSH: This bunch, for some reason, takes comfort in -- and wants us to take comfort in -- that they can't win and that they shouldn't even try or push back, and so it leaves us to ask why.  That's why people then start saying, "Well, maybe they don't really disagree with what's going on." Listen Now (Members Only)        Read Transcript

From: Devvy...Judge Lamberth orders Postmaster General and Inspector General of the USPS to file an answer within 30 days regarding Obama’s use of a fabricated postal stamp on a fabricated Selective Service registration, ignores the fact that they did not file an answer for 4 months and gives Obama, Postmaster and DOJ a free pass on a lack of answer for 4 months

From: Devvy...For five long years EVERY member of the Outlaw Congress has played Barry Soetoro aka Obama's game - recognizing him as a constitutionally elected president when we know he will always be ineligible because of his dual citizenship. The gutless cowards all know about the forged birth certificate as well as using someone else's SSN. They all know about the forged SS draft registration form and still do NOTHING while Soetoro buzz cuts the Constitution every day of the week. And, they all want you to help them win their primary next year so they can continue the cover up:                                                       Wash Times Full Page Ad: Obama’s Selective Service Draft Registration Form Back Dated and Forged

From: CommieBlaster...WH Front Group Vows to Target Alternative Media

From: CommieBlaster...Donald Trump: "How Amazing, the State Health Director who Verified Copies of Obama’s “Birth Certificate” Died in Plane Crash Today. All Others Lived."

by Stephen Frank on 12/11/2013  
Just because President Obama lies about his obeying his oath of office that has not stopped the President from giving amnesty, directly to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.  That does not mean they are honest, law abiding—just that Obama is playing games with the American people.
In this case the young man stole the card at 15 years old and claims he did not know he was an illegal till he was 17.  Even if true, he knew he stole the card—a felony under Federal law.  What he is saying is that Americans citizens should be punished for theft, but illegal aliens.  This person wants a job as a guard in a California prison, himself a criminal, though not prosecuted. Yet because the State won’t hire a criminal as a guard, he is suing for “discrimination”.  Do we take the word of an illegal alien as to the facts and details?  Would you?
“Monday, the Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC) filed suit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco on behalf of Victor Guerrero, 34, against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) — which twice rejected Guerrero’s application to become a corrections officer due to his prior use of an invalid SSN — and the State Personnel Board (SPB), which upheld he denial.
LAS-ELC says Guerrero — who came to the United States illegally from Mexico at age 11 with his parents and obtained an invalid SSN at age 15 — did not know his SSN was fake until he was 17.  LINK

Uh oh: Only 5-15% of enrollees have paid their first month of premiums in some ObamaCare plans by Stephen Frank on 12/11/2013
The media and Obama are crowing about hundreds of thousands “signing up” for ObamaCare.  Too bad the facts show that again, Barack is playing games with words, not the facts—“you can keep your doctor” being the most famous.  What does signing up mean to Obama—you went on line and asked to get information about plans and the “cost”, not knowing the cost can go up when that system is fully created—now it is only an estimate.  To paraphrase San Fran Nan Pelosi, “you will know the cost of Obamacare when you see the invoice, not before”.
Now we find that nationwide less than 50,000 people have “paid” for a health care plan.  They better look at the fine print.  The price could go up, the doctors listed may not be the doctors on the plan next month, nor the hospitals.  They need to find out that the system may have taken out life saving drugs—all they bought was a piece of paper, not a binding plan.  If this was a private company, it would be closed down for fraud and theft.
“A good way to tell whether a media outlet is serious about ObamaCare reporting is to see if they cover this bombshell as a corollary to the new enrollment data. If 365,000 have “signed up” but only one-tenth of them, say, have paid their first month of premiums to activate their new coverage, how many people are really “enrolled” in ObamaCare plans right now?
Last week an insurer in Indiana told CNN that one of their plans had received payment from only 20 percent of people who signed up so far. According to Charles Ornstein’s sources, that insurer was doing relatively well.” LINK

In his 1952 book The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy, Israeli historian J. L. Talmon described a political system in which lawfully elected representatives rule a nation state whose citizens, although granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of government.   The federal government has become such a system, an entity unto itself operating outside of Constitutional constraints and unaccountable to the American people.   LINk

From: Sher...MUST READ!...From: John Rolls
A Conspiracy So Vast: Judge Andrew Napolitano

From: sherzieve   From: "John Rolls"

Shocking!! Sandyhook Children Alive and Well! Clear Video Evidence! You Won't Believe Your Eyes! (VIDEOS)

Trainwreck: White House Issues More Frantic Obamacare Deadline Extensions   Guy Benson......We'll get to the latest on-the-fly changes in a bit, but what better way to mark Friday the 13th than to check in on the status of the website for America's least popular law? For that, we turn the floor over to Bob Laszewski -- a health insurance expert whose predictions about, and criticisms of, Obamacare have been remarkably accurate.
[Keep Reading]

From: FreedomWatch
Enlist in the war against police state!  By Larry Klayman,,  December 13, 2013
With each new week, the American people learn more about the government's spying on over 300 million citizens – with the obvious intent and effect of coercing and enslaving all of us to its collective will – particularly those who challenge the duplicity, deceit, policies and corrupt, treasonous and seditious actions of establishment "leaders" like President Barack Hussein Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.Here is what we have learned......Continue Reading.....
From: Tom Lawson
   George Wallace was a hard core bigot.  Barack Obama and his Administration are soft core bigots—they “mean well” (I hope) but demean women, people of faith and people of color.  In this case Obama is spending over $224,000 on a study done by San Diego State to show that Hispanic parents are incompetent and should not be allowed to feed their own children.  Barack and Michelle have determined they are our father and mother—the grand parents of us all.  Only they are smart enough to allow children to eat the “right food”.  Bigotry by any other name is a government that belittles parents—especially belittling parents based on their nation of origin.      What is “restaurant based intervention?  That is governmentese for not allowing restaurants to sell food to be eaten by Latino children not approved by our real parents—Barack and Michelle.      “A research project awarded on Nov. 26 to San Diego State University will attempt a “restaurant-based intervention,” coupled with a marketing campaign aimed at children to fight obesity.      The school has been given $224,250 for an “exploratory intervention” study that will specifically target Latino children, which the researchers say have the highest rates of obesity.      The project will first observe children’s “menu ordering and consumption behaviors” in 12 restaurants, followed by the “restaurant-based intervention.” LINK
From: CommieBlaster...PayPal is NSA

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