Monday, November 25, 2013


Dear Conservatives,  
This interview with Mia Pope, a teenage 
colleague of Barack Obama's in Hawaii 
(back then, known as Barry Soetoro)
was recorded on October 31, 2013 on 
The Manning Report.

Mia acknowledges that she was not close 
with Barry and that she was a few years 
younger than he - but that the community 
of teens in Waikiki was then quite small and 
that everybody knew everybody else fairly 

Barry was then largely known in that social 
circle as a "pathological liar", who would lie 
about virtually anything, usually in the form 
of self-aggrandizement. They thought it was 
kind of funny and didn't make much of it. 
We're still in the realm of misguided 
teenage behavior, that is not totally out 
of bounds, here.  
She also states very clearly that it was 
well-known, among their social group that 
Barry was strictly gay and not in the least 
bit interested in women. Homosexuality 
is a statistical reality. Big deal.
To me, Barry is still OK as a human being, 
at this point; black kid with a complicated 
past in a predominantly white social group, 
at a time when racial equality was less 
developedcompounded by being gay. 
Definitely, the makings for a troubled 
youth - and adulthood.
Now hear this: according to Mia Pope, Barry 
would brag about copping large amounts 
of cocaine (which was extremely expensive 
and thus difficult for an un-monied teen to 
obtain). We've officially entered scary 
territory, here...
She says he also bragged that he free-based  
this cocaine, which is the most expensive (and 
self-destructive) way to consume this drug. 
"Houston, we have problem!" 
Recovery from drug addiction is entirely possible, 
if acknowledged and addressed. It is disease, 
which can require treatment and lots of moral 
and spiritual support to overcome. I've 
witnessed dramatic, amazing recoveries in 
those suffering from terrible, debilitating 
addictions, who are now totally inspiring, productive contributors to society, at-large. 

Due to the Cosmic Secrecy enshrouding 
Obama's past, we'll never know if he is, in 
fact an addict or if he is in recovery - let 
alone, who he really is.
Mia further states that he boasted that he was 
able to obtain vast quantities of this expensive 
substance from the money he received from 
sexually servicing older white men...OK, we are 
now in seriously rough water. Sad stuff and 
not the guy you want running your country!
I'm not bent out of shape over an individual's 
homosexuality and his alleged experimentation 
with drugs, especially in the '70s and '80s, when 
they were virtually unavoidable by the youth of 
that era. Obtaining these through prostitution, 
however is highly disturbing and tragic. 

Moreover, freebasing cocaine is way over the top
- especially, for a 15 year old! I've seen 
people's lives and those around them destroyed, 
as a result of this particularly awful and disgusting 
addiction, which like all addictions is a 
debilitating disease, from which one can 
recover, if one is wiling to do the work.
It would seem quite amazing that the POTUS 
could function so highly (pun intended), given 
his alleged issues around this very destructive 
form of substance abuse and/or drug addiction.
Is it possible that he is currently beset by the
godawful disability of cocaine addiction...or 
were all of his teenage claims mere expressions 
of his alleged pathological lying? Or is he, 
the most stupendously blackmailable 
Pinocchio of his puppeteers in the history 
of the US Presidency?

What I personally DO NOT countenance is 
closeted homosexuality and a war criminal  
for a US President, a man who has reneged 
on virtually every campaign promise he ever 
made, demonstrating the allegations of his 
pathological lying to a "T". 
He and the criminal junta who created him 
belong in Guantanamo - or in any number of 
their rendition camps around the world for the 
rest of their days, as they appear hellbent on 
destroying the US, along with all of the G20 
countries in its wake, just like the mass-
murderers, who they brainwash into committing 
these unceasing false flag attacks upon their own 
citizens, in their twisted efforts to terrorize the 
public into supporting a repeal the 2nd Amendment 
of the US Constitution, thus disarming citizens, who 
are law-abiding (unlike them) - to say nothing of 
their criminal wars of aggression against weak, 
defenseless nations and their continuing mass-
murder of innocent women and children in the 
Middle East
- and let's NEVER 
purely evil
of the NDAA.

That last one was the clincher, for me. With 
that stroke, he aligned himself squarely with 
the worst of history's fascist despots and he 
outted himself as an Enemy of the State.

If there is a piece of US legislation which 
needs to needs to be repealed, it's not the 
2nd Amendment; it's the NDAA!
It's one thing if other nations have reasonable 
grievances about past and present US policies 
towards them - but to have an actual, sitting 
US President actively working to bring down the 
country of which he is the Commander-in-Chief, 
this is totally unforgivable, to say the least.
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