Friday, October 11, 2013


Dear Patriot,
Two new polls report the Virginia Governor's race is a dead heat.
Ken Cuccinelli has miraculously climbed back from being seven points down. Now if we can just turn out the conservative vote in Virginia, he will win!
Victory is within our grasp. Obama's buddy Terry McAuliffe is on the ropes. There are now enough conservative voters in the Old Dominion for Tea Party hero Ken Cuccinelli to pull off the upset of the decade.
But we need your help do to it.
Two new polls, one from Emerson College and one from Hampton University, just came out. They say that Cuccinelli and McAuliffe are both within the margin of error.
That's incredible!

But what is even better is that the huge number of "undecided" voters still out there are more likely to go to Cuccinelli ... IF we can turn them out!
That's why Ken needs your help so desperately. He is still being outspent by the liberals, but the path to victory is now very, very clear.
If we can simply turn out all the conservative voters in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli will win.
We are putting together one of the largest GOTV efforts in Virginia history. Ken has offices and volunteers in every corner of the state. Now all we need is to pay for the massive phone banks, the absentee ballot campaigns, and the massive "knock and drag" effort that will win this.
Remember, in August alone the liberals spent $8 million attacking Ken Cuccinelli. Yet Ken was still able to close the gap.
All the pundits wrote Ken Cuccinelli's campaign off weeks ago. "Moderate" Republicans have been screaming that a pro-life, anti-Obamacare crusader couldn't win in Virginia.
And now we have a dead heat!
Every conservative in America must help Ken win in Virginia. The election is in just a few weeks.
Just imagine how incredible it would be if Ken pulled this upset off while Obama was still holding the government hostage.
Well, we can do that if grassroots conservatives from across the USA help out right now.
Please help fund this urgent get-out-the-vote effort in Virginia. Victory is within our grasp if we can just raise the money we need to turn out the conservative vote for Ken!
For America,
Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC

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