Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Dear Conservative,

I hope you’ll agree that it’s high time somebody hauled President Barack Obama’s administration before a court of law to stop the illegal assault on our Constitution. 

I’m writing to let you know that Southeastern Legal Foundation is going on the offensive against Barack Obama and his multiple abuses of power.

We’ve launched a massive court challenge against the Obama Administration. 

We’re joined in this lawsuit by leading conservatives, including Representatives Michele Bachmann, Paul Broun, Lynn Westmoreland, Steve King, Marsha Blackburn, and others.

These Congressmen are outraged by Obama’s complete disrespect for the rule of law and the Constitution’s limitations on executive power.

They’re not afraid to fight back against Obama before he wrecks our Constitution in pursuit of his radical dream of “changing” America into a socialist utopia. 

Our lawsuit goes straight to the heart of Obama’s illegal power grab. 

You see, Barack Obama is claiming the power to unilaterally lay so called “regulatory taxes” on the American people without the approval of Congress. This is an end run around the Constitution!

Yes, Obama literally wants taxation without representation! 

We fought the Revolutionary War for Independence to stop this very outrage from happening. And yet here is President Obama stylizing himself more like a king who can lay and collect taxes without our consent.

My friend, Obama must be stopped.

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment right now to endorse our fight against Obama’s unconstitutional attempts to seize power.

Your support of our historic lawsuit is the best chance we have to hold Obama accountable to the rule of law. 

These regulatory taxes — which I promise you will take just as big a bite out of your pocketbook as regular taxes — will be on fossil fuel energy usage, especially your power bill.

The entire point of these taxes is to make energy more expensive for Americans so that they will scale back on what Obama thinks is our “excessive” way of life.

As a candidate Obama bragged, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Now that he’s in the White House, Obama is using the EPA to force this tax-hiking scheme on America without our consent or the approval of Congress.

In fact, Obama’s energy tax proposals are too radical for even the far-left liberals in Congress to support. So Obama’s pushing it with the EPA instead.

The damage Obama’s energy taxes will inflict on America will be massive. 

If Obama can lay and collect taxes on us without the authorization of Congress, everything the Founding Fathers fought for in the Revolutionary War will be pointless. 

Obama will have grabbed dictatorial powers to impose a dysfunctional Soviet-style command-and-control economy on America.

But it gets worse.

If our lawsuit against Obama is not successful, we’ll be at the mercy of presidents with unbounded power to raise as much money as they want, however they want, without our consent.

Obama’s energy taxes will do tremendous damage to your pocketbook. It’s estimated that it will cost each family $258 a month — that’s over $3,000 a year in new taxes!

And that doesn’t even account for the estimates that it will destroy 4 million American jobs or the reduced standard of living it will force on us.

Let’s not forget that Obama’s energy tax is going to be used...

Obama’s energy tax is crucial to funding the transformation of America into a “Socialist Paradise.” 

On January 1, 2011, the EPA, at Obama’s direction, began unilaterally imposing these energy tax regulations on America — without Congressional approval!

We’re fast approaching a constitutional crisis — one that Obama is provoking!

Will you help us hold Barack Obama accountable for his multiple and serious violations of the rule of law? 

Please support our litigation right now.

Never before has a president so brazenly defied the U.S. Constitution. But then again, Barack Obama is not like any other president we’ve ever had.

Obama thinks he is above the law. 

And he’ll be proven right about that if we don’t vigorously prosecute our litigation against his power-hungry administration.

Obama’s power grab must be stopped. It will be stopped. And our litigation can stop him.

Join our lawsuit today.

For the rule of law,

Shannon Goessling
Executive Director & Chief Legal Counsel

P.S. No man is above the law — especially not Barack Obama. Obama’s abuse of power violates our Constitution and it’s time we held him accountable. Your support is key to stopping Obama’s socialist transformation of America.

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