Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Fiscal impact of immigration in the welfare era

This is probably the best and most simple explanation of costing the proposed Amnesty Bill will be over the next 50 years, and largely supports the Heritage Foundation's estimate of $6.3Trillion dollars.

Based upon the following chart and information, some 68% of illegals pay no FIT.  With the average American receiving $31,000 in annual benefits (where's my check?), and with 49% of illegal immigrants being on welfare and with 50% of them paying no FIT, over 50 years, you can approximate the $6.3T figure (which was derived by more extensive modeling) and quickly realize the net drain that illegal immigrants are on the government finances (and the taxpayers).  As noted below, the figures appear to much larger than 11MM, which makes the argument only stronger to rally against this Amnesty bill.

The Fiscal Impact Of Immigration 

(by Steven Camarota at

There's another reason to question Heritage's figures, yet it comes from the right--the figure Heritage uses for the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is likely 11 million, the Pew/CENSUS figure that we Immigration Patriots know to be in fact 4 to 6 times as many.
If Rector & Company had used "40 to 60 million" in their study, their $6.3 TRILLION figure would be 4 to 6 times greater or $25 TRILLION to $37 TRILLION.
It's a shame that Rector & Company didn't use my "40 to 60 million" figures in their study.

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