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ProjectVeritas Strikes Again: Journalists, Politicians Refuse to Post Lawn Sign saying "HOME IS GUN FREE ZONE"....A MUST MUST WATCH
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Contribution by Nancy Battle:
Look what these 'anti-gun residents' say to this group who want to put signs up in their yards declaring 'Gun Free Zone'-------THIS IS PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pro-Obamacare Group Sponsoring Symposium to Train Journalists How to Report on Obamacare

Justice Department uses procedure only for attorneys

(Washington Free Beacon) FOIA lawsuits have risen under Obama, a study shows ...

TSA Gestapo On Trains Now

Here's your Obamacare, America: Huge price increases on health insurance across the board:

Obama's executive orders have granted psychiatry vast new powers that violate patients' rights
Rush Limbaugh: Time For Background Check On Obama; Media Never Vetted Obama - VIDEO HERE.
Obama = Harrison J. Bounel
From: Larry Klayman  
Exclusive: Larry Klayman presents case for cleansing body politic of new King George

Growing Movement of Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Figures 
Refusing to Infringe on Gun Rights ...Watch Sheriff Mack Call Obama a Communist
Obama Exec Order #1: 
Uses Tax Payer Money to Fund Anti-Gun Propaganda
Obama Stimulus Cash 
Flowing to Foreign Companies
From: Cdeefox
NO ONE Protecting American masses against ‘The Revenge of Obama’ &READ COMMENTS

From: SherZieve     From:
Did Obama Steal the Election With Hagel’s Help? [THIS IS BIG!]

     Between Hagel's vote counting machines and Soros' Spanish company's machines, no wonder 2+ million votes for Romney were dropped and/or 'lost' in the process.........oddly enough all those 'lost' were in critical precincts for Soetero to win.
Sher Zieve -News and Commentary- In All Things Trust God Thou shalt have no other gods before me
Doctors as Federal Agents
Chris Christie Goes Full RINO  (actually even left of that)

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