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From: THE Foxes
     NOTICE delivered to members of the US Congress demanding a STOP to the fraudulent election of 2012
     By U.S. Patriots Union and The North American Law Center
CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE AND DEMAND TO HALT THE CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION CERTIFICATION PROCESS DUE TO EVIDENCE OF SUBSTANTIVE FRAUD  BE ADVISED, your Oath of office requires you to act in a manner which upholds the United States Constitution, our State Constitutions, and the Rule of Law. This shall serve as Notice to you of the massive fraud which has occurred in the 2012 election. As a public servant, your highest duty is to the people of the United States. Failing to do your duty, after having been so noticed, will be a direct violation of your Oath, with malice aforethought.   LINK     By Larry Klayman,, January 1, 2013
   Barack Hussein Obama is “eligible” for only one thing: to deceive the American people and the world community into believing he is a legitimate president of the United States. In practice, that is according to all of the judges who thus far have ruled in lawsuits concerning his lack of legal status under the U.S. Constitution as a “natural born citizen.”   LINK

Comment: But would "testifying"?

Attorney: Congress Should Not Confirm Obama As President; He's Not A Natural Born Citizen  Congress Should Not Confirm Barack Obama As President,  For He Is Not an Article II "Natural Born Citizen" By Attorney Mario Apuzzo The issue of Obama’s eligibility to be President has always...

     Send This Video to Every Member of Your Family, Police, The Electorial College, Congress, News, Judges! Post It on Your Websites. Spread the Word Now, Before Obama Officially Given 2nd Term

From: Victoria Baer - The Baer Edge
2003 - 2008 - eight attempts to eliminate natural born requirement for POTUS
Victoria Baer
When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point, failure to defend liberty makes slavery a certainty.  

Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises "The top U.S. trade official effectively has said that the administration must keep TPP secret because otherwise it won’t be able to shove this deal past the public and Congress" -Lori Wallach, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Jim Kouri, CPPBoard MemberNational Association of Chiefs of Police (201) 941-5397 or
Obama White House accused of lawbreaking by angry lawmaker - National Law Enforcement |    During segments on the television weekend news shows, a top GOP congressman blasted President Barack Obama and his administration for its non-transparency, going as far as calling them lawbreakers, for failing to provide the mandatory Unified Agenda report on time last Spring.
(New York Post) Most people run to the corner bodega for a gallon of milk ...
All State & Local Police To Be Federalized Before Martial Law – From Active Duty

Obama Armed Libyan Rebels That Murdered U.S. Troops ?...Calls for Special Investigative Committee Gain Steam

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