Saturday, September 29, 2012


Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman


Today I am writing to you on an urgent matter that requires immediate attention.

In a national mass mailing, the left-wing organization Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) has advised the leadership of 60,000 targeted churches across the nation not to become involved in “partisan politicking.”  

Their true goal, unwritten but hidden between the lines: To SILENCE the truth from being spoken in American pulpits and to MUZZLE people of faith on the vital issues that will be decided in the 2012 elections.

++Americans United’s ongoing intimidation campaign.

AU sent a letter to churches just weeks before the 2012 national elections, which I believe is the most pivotal in our generation and among the most critical in our nation’s history. Meanwhile, I have been speaking to hundreds of pastors in meetings and we have sent about 25,000 churches our “Silence is Not an Option” Action Pack.

We must counter this overt attack in the few remaining days before Election Day 2012!

Here is our plan:  We are stepping out in faith and have resolved to distribute the entire remaining inventory (almost 70,000 Handbooks) of our powerful new resource, the Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches, to churches and pastors in the next two weeks!

This is the largest such single distribution we have ever attempted, and it’s not going to be easily accomplished.  But we MUST do everything possible to STOP the silencing of pastors and churches at this crucial hour!

++Will you add your faith to ours and help in this effort?

I need you, and thousands of Liberty Counsel’s friends to order 10 copies (or more) of our Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches and hand-deliver them to pastors, church leaders, or church members in every local region of our nation!  The information contained in this pocket-sized handbook counters the lies of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Simply order as many copies as you can distribute to pastors and church leaders in your community. 

Click here to find out more and to order as many copies as you can reasonably distribute:

Because of the lateness of the hour and the enormity of the challenge, we have already begun this vital and necessary effort to counter the disinformation and bullying of leftist organizations like Americans United.    

This is no time to shrink back and leave the intentional misinformation of our adversaries unanswered!

This booklet belongs in every church, Bible study, and nonprofit organization in America!  And we’re committed to shipping our entire inventory in the next fourteen days!

If you can’t help by personally delivering these powerful Handbooks, please consider a special gift for Liberty Counsel to ship these booklets to strategically located churches (in battleground states) as quickly as possible.

++The truth about what Pastors and Churches can do.

I want to remove the muzzle that secularists want to put on pastors and replace it with a megaphone. Pastors can preach on biblical issues, can educate people about where the candidates stand on these biblical issues, and can urge the people to vote for biblical values. Churches can help people register to vote, and much more.

A pastor can preach on the sanctity of human life and then educate the people about where the candidates stand on this issue. We face the most important election of our life time. Silence is not an option!

++We want ministry leaders nationwide to exchange the muzzle for a megaphone and speak truth to this generation!

Our Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches provides key information about what pastors and churches may do with respect to political candidates and lobbying.

Please, do what you can to help get this vital information out in the next fourteen days.

Help us get this handbook into the hands of pastors in your community. After hearing my message on what pastors and churches can do, Pastor one nationally prominent pastor called me and said he “felt like an inmate let of our prison.”

Not one church has ever lost its tax exemption for political activity. Not one! The letters from this secularist group is merely a scare tactic to silence pastors. I want to set them free.

It was the sermons of pastors that provided the fuel for the American Revolution. Now, more than ever, we need pastors to speak biblical truth. The future of America and Western Civilization is at stake!

Order Handbooks to personally deliver – or order Handbooks for us to ship.  In any case, we want to get nearly 70,000 Handbooks to pastors and churches in the next two weeks before time runs out!

Please, believe me when I say that this information will counter the misrepresentations Americans United and other groups are distributing and will impact this election and others to come.

God bless you as, together, we work to restore our nation!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. In November, we are challenged to change the course of our country and, indeed, history itself – but we must first confront the attempts to muzzle our ministry leaders! 

Our pastors and other Christian leaders have a God-given responsibility to speak the truth. The Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churcheswill help guide every Christian leader in forming their activities and messages in the days before this crucial election.

Please, join us in helping to distribute our entire inventory of Handbooks and get the truth into the hands of our pastors and ministry leaders.

Thank you and God bless you!  

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