Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Submitted by: Gregg Jackson

1. How can Romney be “pro-life” when 3 years after his supposed “pro-life conversion” he signed $50 abortions into law as part of his socialist healthcare plan that was endorsed by Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Planned Parenthood?
2. How can Romney be “pro-marriage” when he is unilaterally responsible for the illegal and unconstitutional implementation of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts?
3. How can Romney be “pro-family” when he boosted funding for homosexual and transgender “education” starting in kindergarten?
4. How can Romney be “pro-family” when he opposes a ban on homosexual scoutmasters?
5. How can Romney oppose the gay agenda when he promised the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans he would not oppose “gay marriage” in return for their endorsement?

6. How can Romney claim to oppose ObamaCare when Romney himself signed the forerunner for ObamaCare (Romneycare which includes $50 tax subsidized abortions) into law which has been a total failure?
7. How can Romney claim to be “pro-tax cuts” and “pro-limited government” when as governor he opposed the Bush Tax Cuts (for which he was lauded by Barney Frank) and raised taxes and fees by a billion dollars which has decimated the Massachusetts economy?
8. How will Romney be expected to appoint conservative judges if elected president when as governor he passed over Republican lawyers for three quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he faced and nominated 2 open homosexuals?
9. How can Romney claim to stand for religious liberty and freedom of conscience when he supports passage of state level Employment Non-Discrimination Act which would force churches and other religious organizations to hire homosexuals and transvestites or face criminal fines and prosecution?
10. How can Romney claim to be a man of virtue and integrity when he consistently tells so many outright and easily disprovable lies? (”I saw my father march with MLK“I”ve been a hunter pretty much my whole life” “The NRA endorsed me” etc…

Gregg Jackson

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  1. Thank you for this compilation about RINO Mitt Romney.

    Newt Gingrich proved in this last debate why he would prove to be a much tougher GOP candidate against Obama than regional candidate Rick Perry, Libertarian Foreign Policy Fright Ron Paul, not-quite-up-to-the-task Rick Santorum and RINO, Father of Homosexual Marriage in America, Mitt Romney. Newt has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of getting BIG things done for America BECAUSE of his big mouth to speak the Truth To Power, be they Saul Alinsky Radicals or Establishment Republicans like Bush Sr, who derailed Reagan's Revolution by violating his "no new taxes, read my lips" pledge. Newt will RESTORE the Reagan Revolution, bringing millions of jobs to America and CHANGING it from the road to Sodom and Gomorrah that Obama and the RINOS currently have it on, to the road BACK to exceptionalism and the Rule of Law. He worked with Presidents Reagan and Clinton to help create a climate to create over 20 million new jobs and reformed welfare and balanced America's budgets. Go Newt!