Monday, January 16, 2012


Waking in UtopiaThe American people need to wake up. While they slept their way through the 20th century like modern day Rip Van Winkles, the stealth social progressives within our government and in our society-at-large were busy rewriting that traditional old primer, the McGuffey Reader of America—The Constitution of the United States. Politicians and the greedy men who finance their political careers have been reconstructing the basic tenets of liberty found in the Constitution by simply erasing them, one noun and verb at a time, and replacing the inalienable rights found in that sacred document with the retractable rights found in the UN Covenant on Human Rights. Today that American McGuffey’s Reader we call the Constitution is being surreptitiously rewritten by eraser by those assigned by the Constitution with its protection: the Congress of the United States and the federal court system.Read More

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