Thursday, January 19, 2012


Dear Patriot,

Harry Reid, who is prone to saying outrageous things, said something on Sunday that crammed more ridiculousness into one sentence than I've ever seen. "Well, I think the Tea Party's dying out as the economy's getting better slowly."

Let's address the second half of that sentence first. Harry Reid believes that this economy is getting better. Unfortunately, under President Obama the country's unemployment rate has risen, the federal debt has skyrocketed, gas prices have doubled, and there are currently 5.6 million Americans who have been unemployed for over 27 weeks. None of these are signs of an improving economy, and Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and their liberal allies in both parties are responsible.

But that's not what really irked me about what Reid said. Any notion of the Tea Party dying out is either spin from a desperate Democrat machine or the fantasies of a man who is soon to be without his job as Senate Majority Leader.

Let's prove to Harry Reid that we aren't going anywhere! The Tea Party isn't dying out, we're only getting stronger! Respond to this poll today to let the Democrats know how many Americans support the Tea Party movement!
Vote YesNo | 1717 Pennsylvania Ave. NW,Suite 300, PMB #433 | Washington, DC 20006

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