Saturday, December 17, 2011


Poll: Republican, Conservative Voters Strongly Prefer Gingrich

Republican and conservative voters show a strong preference for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the presidential race, according to a new poll from The Hill.

Gingrich and Romney are nearly even when The Hill's polling sample extends to voters as a whole.

Asked who has a greater all-around ability to lead the country, 49 percent of Republicans chose Gingrich, while 34 percent opted for Romney. Among conservatives, 47 percent selected Gingrich, compared with 32 percent for Romney.

As for who would make a better opponent against President Barack Obama, 43 percent of Republicans checked Gingrich, compared with 36 percent for Romney. Among conservatives, 38 percent went for Gingrich, compared with 35 percent for Romney.

On the question of who would be better at making a wise decision in a crisis, Gingrich won overwhelmingly among Republicans, 53-32 percent. He also beat Romney soundly among conservatives -- 46-32 percent.

On the issue of who would do a better job of improving the economy and unemployment, Gingrich topped Romney 47 percent to 34 percent among Republicans. And Gingrich won, 43-36 percent, among conservatives.

When it comes to which candidate those surveyed would invite to dinner in their homes, Gingrich registered a resounding 49 percent to 34 percent victory among Republicans. Gingrich also bested Romney easily among conservatives -- 44-30 percent.

Romney fared better when the questions were posed to all voters. Among this group, 36 percent thought Gingrich has a greater all-around ability to lead the country, while 35 percent chose Romney. Meanwhile, 37 percent of all voters thought Romney would be the strongest candidate to take on Obama, while 33 percent chose Gingrich.

When it comes to who would be better making a wise decision in a crisis, both men scored 37 percent. As for who would do better on jobs and the economy, Romney got the nod, 38 percent to 32 percent. And on the dinner invitation, the two were tied at 35 percent.

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