Sunday, December 11, 2011


Submitted by: Donald Hank

This author explains it well (link).
The other side, even when it is on its best behavior, is controlled opposition. It will walk with you and flatter you a little, but if you listen closely, it is actually the enemy in drag.
It is a ratchet gear. It only turns in one direction. It may seem to be going along with you at times, but that is because you are, perhaps imperceptibly, changing your direction to walk with it, in false hopes that it will see your viewpoint and change. It can't. It is a ratchet gear that turns in only one direction.
For example, the Clintons obviously do not agree with Obama in some areas. But the point of disagreement is not the targeted result but merely the ways and means to achieve that targeted result. That targeted result is the complete undermining of the Constitution, your enslavement and you worshipping government as the savior of mankind instead of the true Savior.
Don Hank

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