Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Islam’s Violent Truth Covered Up by All American Muslim’s Propaganda

by lisarichardsusa

There is a new so-called “reality” TV show called All American Muslim that is not all American.  It’s a deception hidden under headscarves.
For those who have not seen the TV show All American Muslim, based on Dearborn, Michigan Muslim families, is a veritable praise-athon depicting Islam as a family valued religion of peaceful, harmless people who would never consider blowing human beings to smithereens, murdering women who behave Americanized, or flying jets into buildings to take down America. The opposite is true when it comes to Islam, the radical political movement with all intent on mankind’s destruction. The opposite is also true of All American Muslim’s depiction of American Muslim women: in reality, those who behave American face murder at the hands of their own families.

The idea behind All American Muslim is as bad as the idea of a show titled All American Nazi Jew-Haters, depicting anti-Semites as lovable, peaceful, average Americans just like everyone else. All American Muslim is a tool used to brainwash Americans into tolerating every culture no matter that culture’s threat to the nation and world. In this case, welcome Islam into America with open arms.
All American Muslim wants Americans too believe Islamic families are no different from non-Muslim families, that Muslim “reality” TV families, who pose in Americanized-style photos for TV, are just as American as apple pie. The opposite is true. Muslims are not allowed to be Americanized. If a Muslim family member attempts such a crime, that person must be executed.  Therefore, the TV show is nothing more than Islamic propaganda used to con  Americans into tolerating Islam’s existence, or you're all bigots!  
Just look at how USA Today’s politically correct interview makes All American Muslim’s girls look like the Kardashians:
Shadia Amen has plenty of piercings, a few on her left eyebrow and 20 on her ears. She says her hair changes color monthly, ‘anywhere from pink to blue-black to black to whatever tickles my fancy.’ And tattoos cover 40 percent of her body, including one that depicts ‘the rock star sign with the hand’ shaped like the devil’s horns. Despite that, the 31-year-old Dearborn woman—who calls herself a hillbilly at heart—is a proud Muslim. Although she has drunk alcohol and once was a single mom, her Islamic faith is still a part of her. ‘I’ve read the Quran three times,’ says Amen, referring to Islam's holy text. ‘I know a lot about the religion. I was raised with it, going to all the Islamic Sunday schools growing up. Because I don't follow it to a T, that doesn't make me any less of a Muslim. Because in the end, it’s God who’s judging us, and I think He and I are cool.’ Amen’s story will be featured in a new reality-TV show debuting at 10 p.m. Sunday on TLC called All-American Muslim. The eight-part series is the first show on American television that depicts the lives of Muslim Americans, a community that has been in the spotlight for the past decade, but often misunderstood.
Muslim women behaving western, dyeing their hair punkish, drinking alcohol and admitting to it publicly, single-motherhood Muslims saying they barely read the Koran and wear tattoos, are all breaking the laws of Islam. And these Muslims know it!  But again, Islam has an agenda with this new so-called “reality” TV show: make Americans “understand” a phony, non-existent Islam. In other words, Islam wants Americans to accept the culture that did in fact bomb America on 9/11, and continues attacking this nation’s military bases, cities, and airliners by-way-of Muslims.  
Also, All American Muslim will not tell you the truth about Islam’s laws: Islam does not tolerate anything but lock-stepping to its Sharia Laws. That means never dressing like, or ever acting like,  All American Muslim. This so-called all American reality show does not expose the fact that if Muslim girls behave Americanized like All American Muslim, they are executed by their fathers, mothers and brothers as Honor killings to save the family’s honor. This  Islamic crime practiced in the United States, and covered up by this “reality” show, is a commonality in the US. Worse, husbands and fathers who commit these horrendous murders against wives and daughters are acquitted due to ignorant jurors, who, either don’t understand the dangers Islam poses to its own who try to flee Islam, or, jurors are afraid of being intolerant and accused of bigotry toward an intolerant religion trying to exterminate all non-Muslims for Islam.
Furthermore, this TV show covers up forced, arranged marriages, common in the United States by Muslim families, who marry their young American teenage daughters off to foreign Islamic men as early as age 13.
Even in the United States where we have freedom of religion, if Muslims try to leave Islam or convert to Christianity, they must be executed according to Shaira’s dictates. You will not discover this truth on All American Muslim, what you will see is the Kardashian-dressed Islamo-grungettes in families who are the Cosby Show with headscarves.
Simply put, All American Muslim is not American “reality,” it covers up of Islam’s reality.
All American Muslim’s propaganda makes the show appear to be your average next door neighbor, sharing the same values and culture as the average non-Muslim American. The only difference is Muslims dress just a tad different from the rest of us. But if All American Muslim has its way, we non-Muslim Americans won't notice anymore, and Islam will gain ground.
All American Muslim says Islam is no different from everyone else in America.  But that is simply not true if one looks at Islamic history, its founding, it’s Sharia Law that dictates no Muslim can adhere to any other law but Sharia—not even the Constitution, which is null and void to Muslims unless they leave Islam.  All American Muslim is reality TV brainwash that hides Islam’s radical political movement of violence against mankind.
All American Muslim is not the Cosby Show, Islamic girls are not allowed to behave like the Kardashian girls, and this TV show is not the reality of America’s true culture. This TV show does not represent American culture or the values of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Again, All American Muslim is trying to push a non-existent Islamic life that simply does not exist in Islam.  But pushing this Cosby Show-style propaganda is exactly what Islam needs to further cement itself into American culture and society so it can breed its true intentions —takeover.

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