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Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


        By refusing to defend the federal Defense of Marriage
        Act (DOMA), President Obama and his Attorney General
        have fueled a dramatic increase in pro-homosexual
        activism nationwide.  And as I expected, there is now
        a tidal wave of anti-marriage litigation rising in
        courts across the nation. Liberty Counsel MUST be
        able to answer the call! 

        Please read my extremely important message below - Mat. 


On July 22, President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon
Panetta, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral
Mike Mullen signed a certification that a repeal of the 1993
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding homosexuals in the
military would do no harm to the armed forces. 

The certification followed a 7 month "indoctrination" period
that one homosexual activist called, "an unprecedented
opportunity" to promote "the normalcy of the gay community."

++A Pandora's Box of consequences has ensued!

As we repeatedly warned during the period of time the Obama
administration was forcing acceptance of open homosexuality
in our military, this unwarranted change of policy is already
having major repercussions.

      Last week, the Department of Defense announced that
      military chaplains can now officiate in same-sex
      ceremonies and are allowed to use federal facilities
      for the events!
Besides the obvious question, "What if a Chaplain's conscienc
e does not permit him to officiate in a homosexual marriage?"
there are any number of legal problems that arise.

Here is the biggest one of all:

      There is an existing federal law that is being flaunted
      by the Department of Defense (with President Obama's
      blessing)...the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which
      recognizes marriage as being exclusively between one
      man and one woman!

Barack Obama's dereliction of duty to defend DOMA is
unconscionable!  But then the President usurps the Supreme
Court's duty under the Constitution by brazenly declaring
DOMA to be "unconstitutional" and "indefensible."

      In other words, President Obama and Attorney General
      Eric Holder acted as judge and jury in determining
      that a federal law passed by Congress in 1996 - a
      law that had already survived many strong court
      challenges - is somehow "unconstitutional"!

++Liberty Counsel must be ready to fight back!

Pro-homosexual activists have been pushing forward as
quickly as possible in the wake of this disastrous
announcement by the Obama administration.

As a practicing attorney and Dean of a law school, I am
OUTRAGED at the continuing assault by the Obama
administration on our Constitution and the clearly
defined roles of the branches of our government! 

I am incensed that another "victory" is being handed
to the homosexual community at the expense of the God-
ordained institution of marriage and the clear will of
the American people - and is now being forced on the ranks
of the United States military! 

We must STOP any momentum and traction pro-
homosexual groups hope to achieve in court by being
unchallenged (and possibly even assisted) by the Department
of Justice!

I urge you to take a moment and sign our Statement of
Support upholding the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

We are calling on all of our friends and supporters to
insist that President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder
and the Department of Justice, congressional leaders, and
military leaders actively comply with and defend the Defense
of Marriage Act! 

Click here to sign Statement of Support upholding the federal
Defense of Marriage Act:

The Statement of Support says, in part...

      As an American who recognizes the crucial importance
      of the sanctity of marriage to the welfare of our
      culture, I am appalled by the tyrannical actions of
      certain elected officials, judges, and military
      leaders who are defiantly refusing to enforce our
      laws defining marriage as being a union between one
      man and one woman. I am also outraged by President
      Obama's outspoken intent to repeal the federal
      Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), by activist judges
      who disregard the clearly expressed will of the
      majority of the people by striking down states'
      pro-marriage initiatives, and by military leaders
      who have issued orders to break federal law by
      allowing same-sex marriages to be officiated by
      taxpayer-funded federal employees on federal property.

      I insist that the Defense of Marriage Act, a law
      created by the clear will of the American people, be
      properly and honorably defended!

I promise you, Liberty Counsel will NEVER stand by silently
as the Obama administration, activist judges, and radical
pro-homosexual groups attack marriage and the American family!

Liberty Counsel will continue defending marriage in courtrooms
across America and forcefully respond to these leaders'
betrayal of their duty. Go here to sign the Statement of Support:

++Get the book the ACLU says you should not read!

We are also very pleased to offer you a valuable resource
when you financially support this vital campaign. For your
gift of $30 or more, we will send you a free copy of the
book the ultraliberal, anti-marriage ACLU says you should
not read!

"Only One Mommy: A Woman's Battle for Her Life, Her Daughter,
and Her Freedom: The Lisa Miller Story" will equip you to
help those struggling with same-sex attractions as it totally
exposes the disturbing truth about the pro-homosexual agenda!

Written through the lens of Lisa Miller's journey into and
out of homosexuality, including her seven-year custody battle
to retain custody of her biological child, Only One Mommy
sheds light into what "causes" someone to get involved in
homosexuality, encourages churches to reach out to those
struggling with same-sex attractions, and exposes the
pervasive homosexual agenda that is working to radically
change our culture and silence all those who oppose them.

      I am especially pleased to offer you this extraordinary
      book because its author, Rena Lindevaldsen, is a dear
      friend and a long-time colleague.  I am not exaggerating
      when I say that Rena may well be the nation's leading
      expert on the terrible legal and social consequences
      society faces when altering the natural order and
      sanctioning same-sex "marriage."

Click here to sign the Statement of Support and to read more
about this compelling book:

As you probably know, our Liberty Counsel team has been
engaged in the battle to defend marriage for many, many
years. We are currently fighting several cases against the
radical homosexual agenda. 

Perhaps even more damaging than the foothold radicals are
gaining in the body of American law is the horrific
deception and disinformation they are spreading!  Their
advance is being paved with outright lies about the
practice of homosexuality, misleading "facts" about their
movement, and fraudulent use of taxpayer funds obtained
by cynically presenting their cause as a "civil rights"

We must continue fighting and winning in
both the courtroom and the court of public opinion,
even given the flood of new attacks!  And you can obtain
invaluable help in fighting this battle from the pages
of Only One Mommy - it is simply one of the best books
yet written about the homosexual movement's horrific
social impact, written by one of marriage's best friends
and most courageous defenders. 

Please sign the Statement of Support upholding the federal
Defense of Marriage Act. There you will also find the link
to read more about the hard-hitting new book, Only One Mommy.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we stand
for marriage against the rising tide of legal attacks.

May God bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Homosexual groups have been encouraged and empowered
by Barack Obama's outrageous subversion of DOMA. This
arrogant and condescending administration refuses to enact
and enforce any law with which it disagrees!  We must work
together to stop the onslaught of pro-homosexual attacks
and demand that duly passed, pro-marriage laws like DOMA
are enforced!  Please click here to endorse our powerful
Statement of Support:

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