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An Organized Crime Ring Is Running The White House And There's A Mafia-Style "Bust-Out" Going On.
     Political commentator Dick Morris confirms our growing suspicions: "The fact is that the Solyndra scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. Much of the DOE green energy lending program is a SCAM. It is a slush fund of pork for paying back campaign contributors."  [Emphasis Ours].

     Morris goes on: "The Democrats are digging in to continue the lending program because the firms that have already gotten loans can't pay them back unless the welfare continues to flow. If it is shut off, they risk having dozens of Solyndras to explain away, each with its own sordid history of campaign donations and special influence."  [Emphasis Ours]

     Read the preceding paragraph again and if what Morris is describing sounds vaguely familiar, it should. The evolving Solyndra and SolarReserve scandals areNOT just ho-hum stories of political corruption and cronyism.  They are but small pieces of a much bigger puzzle. The mob calls it a BUST-OUT  and the stench of racketeering and corruption here clearly rises to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors."

     There's no better way to describe what is going on. Barack "Tony Soprano"Obama and his Capos (extreme leftists in Congress) have taken effective control of a business (in this case, the United States of America) and they're about to milk it dry and run it into the ground.

     They're bringing goods in through the front door and hustling them out the back door to their friends and associates, and they can only hope to keep this little enterprise going by continuing to bring in more goods through the front door.

     And make no mistake... you are going to be left holding the bag. When your neighbor loses his job, they'll just keep going. When you lose your job, they'll just keep going. When your taxes go through the roof, even beyond your ability to pay them, they'll just keep going. When the United States that you know and love is reduced to a third-world country and your children and grandchildren are reduced to  poverty, they'll just keep going.

     But bust-outs don't go on forever. At some point, after the United States that you know and love is bled dry, Barack and the Boys will simply torch it for the insurance money.

     How far must Barack Obama go before our elected officials in Congress come to the realization that it is not enough to simply say that "Obama's policies are failing?" When will they realize, as Congressman Steve King (R-IA) recently said, that the actions of this regime are indeed "LAWLESS?" 

     When will they realize that there is effectively an "organized crime ring" being run out of the White House? 

     Yes, an "Organized Crime Ring" occupies the White House and we're not the only ones using the analogy. Jason Bradley with BigGovernment.com recently wrote: "Solyndra is only the small focal point of a much larger racketeering projectin which the White House and Democrat lawmakers are guilty of running an organized crime ring."  [Emphasis Ours]

     And racketeering is a crime. The time for investigation and impeachment is upon us. IT IS NOW

It Can't Be Ignored.  It Can't Be Dismissed. 
     And it can't be swept under the rug. Bradley is simply putting to words what an ever increasing number of patriotic Americans already know... that there is indeed an "organized crime ring" being run out of the White House

     And so... we say yet again, how long will our so-called Republican leaders in Congress bury their heads in the sand before they realize that it is not enough to simply say that "Obama's policies are failing" ... that it is no longer enough to say that the actions of the Obama Regime are "possibly unconstitutional?" When will they realize, as Congressman Steve King (R-IA) recently said, that the actions of this regime are indeed "LAWLESS?"  

     When will they realize that Barack Obama is not "failing."  When will they realize that the man who derided those of us who cling to "God"  ... the man who sat in a pew for 20 years while the Rev. Jeremiah Wright called upon God to "damn America" ... is on a mission to destroy a country that he loathes and despises. 

     When will they realize, as liberal talk-show host Tammy Bruce said, that Obama has an "unabated malevolence" toward this country... a country he had supposedly sworn to serve and dutifully protect... and that "unabated malevolence" makes him a clear and present danger to those who love our American way of life. 

     When are they going to realize that the fact that a federal election is a year and a half away IS NOT an excuse to disregard their Constitutional duty? They can no longer pass the buck.  It's not the duty of the electorate to save this great nation;THEY must step up to the plate. Our great nation should not be forced to wait until January of 2013 to rid itself of the cancer that is eating it away every single day. 

      The Obama Regime is a disease.  Impeachment is the cure. It boggles the mind to know that our elected officials have the power to right this wrong... to hold this runaway thugocracy to account... and yet, they do nothing while Barack (Tony Soprano) Obama and his crew shake the American people down

     Patriotic Americans know what must be done. We must not accept complacency from our so-called Republican leaders. We will not be ignored. We will not be put off, and we will not let them get away with doing nothing. 

     If you truly love this great country, then you must make your voice heard and make them understand that you're not going to go away. You must make them understand that you're simply not going to sit down and shut up. Our elected officials must come to know that you won't stop until they get off their duffs and fight the putrid disease that is afflicting this great country... and that disease is the Obama Regime

Why Is It That The Putrid Odor Of Criminal Activity Always Leads To The Obama White House? 
     The odor of criminality leading to the doors of the Obama White House is nothing new. 

     We don't need to remind you that former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was convicted of charges stemming from an accusation that he tried to "sell" Barack Obama's former Senate seat but no one in Congress bothered to investigate the"buyer". 

     We don't need to remind you that former Congressman Joe Sestak accused the Obama regime of offering him a "bribe" to not run for the Senate against former-Senator Arlen Specter and that Congress, yet again, dropped the ball. 

     We don't need to remind you that the Obama Regime recklessly steered over half a Billion of your hard-earned dollars toward Solyndra in spite of numerous warnings that the company would go belly-up in September of 2011 and that the Obama Regime categorically denies that it had anything to do with the fact that Solyndra's investors, including George Kaiser, are huge donors to Obama's campaign

     We don't need to remind you of Operation Fast and Furious, whereby the typically anti-Second Amendment Obama Regime facilitated the sale of thousands of illegal firearms to criminal gangs south of the border, and called it a "botched sting operation" even though it is becoming painfully apparent that efforts to actually track these weapons to the criminals who received them were squelched.  That's not incompetence... it's malice.

     We don't need to remind you that the Obama Regime stands accused of pressing a Four Star General to commit perjury and endanger our national security to throw a bone to a company called LightSquared (whose investors are also Obama cronies)

     And we most certainly don't need to remind you that the Obama Regime sought special privileges for Obama's drunken illegal alien Uncle Omar, or that Obama told Congress, in violation of the Constitution, that he did not require Congressional authority to wage war. 

     As Jason Bradley warns us: "This is corruption on a grand scale." Where there is smoke, there is fire and it's time for our so-called leaders to break out the fire hoses

     We believe that it's time, once and for all to fumigate this stench out of Washington... out of the White House.  IMPEACHMENT IS NOT JUST AN OPTION, IT IS A NECESSITY.  

Use the button below and deluge the offices of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives with your personalized faxes.  Or alternately, send your Blast Faxes to each and every Republican member of the House and Senate; that's more than 280 Blast Faxes.

Tell these Weimar Republicans that enough is enough.  A Chicago Thugocracy has usurped the White House and must be held to account. Congress must investigate these scandals... all the way to the top... all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. IMPEACHMENT IS NOT JUST AN OPTION, IT IS A NECESSITY.

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