Monday, October 31, 2011


Dear Conservatives,
Your immediate attention is requested on two extremely important and urgent matters that could have enormous implications for all U.S. Social Security beneficiaries.
First, our President has pledged to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States an amnesty, or what he calls a "path to citizenship".

Second, the U.S./Mexico Social Security agreement is still alive in Washington and to make matters worse, President Obama could send it to Congress at any time. Our campaign against this so-called "Social Security Totalization Agreement" has helped stall passage — but this terrible Treaty is still very much alive and could go into effect at any time if our opposition dies.
Our only hope is that Congress STOPS it BEFORE it goes into effect. Because if we fail, Mexican Social Security recipients may have a layer of protection from benefit cuts that U.S. citizens do NOT have!
BOTH an amnesty plan and this U.S./Mexico Social Security Treaty would make non-citizen immigrants eligible to draw benefits, based on illegal earnings, from our rapidly dwindling Social Security Trust Fund.
Add your voice to the opposition of illegal alien amnesty and U.S. Social Security totalization with Mexico.Sign a Petition that urges elected officials in Congress to vote "NO" to these TWO plans for illegal Mexican immigrants.
Did you know?
There is a loophole that allows illegal immigrants to file for Social Security after ten years of work, reaching the applicable Social Security age, and have some form of proof that they earned money!
Worse yet, a further amnesty to illegal immigrants or the U.S./Mexico Social Security Treaty — would both award benefits to millions of Mexican nationals who worked here illegally.
These issues are going to come down to a vote in Congress... and it could happen any day. You can help defeat these plans and protect your benefits at the same time... but please act right now! You must let your Senators and Congressman know your views now.
Can you imagine? 
The bureaucrats treated the Totalization Treaty with Mexico as though it was a national defense secret. The Senior Citizens League tried to obtain copies of the Totalization Agreement explaining the effect it would have on Social Security. We were forced to file lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). After two and a half years, the federal government finally released to TSCL the first known public copy of the Agreement with Mexico.
And now after legal review, the potential impact is shocking… millions of Mexican citizens and dependents covered under the Agreement will have almost bulletproof protection against Social Security cuts, while Americans will face all of the possible cuts and changes being discussed in Washington.
Act Today 
Decisions about illegal immigration affecting your Social Security benefits are now being made inWashington, D.C. Your collective voice is effective, so don't make the mistake of thinking your signature on this Petition isn't important. It is every senior's responsibility to stand up and be heard now. Sign this petition today.
But I need more than your signed Petition. Please consider including a special contribution. Whatever amount you send, please be assured it is appreciated and will be put to immediate good use.
Thank you for your time and your support. May God bless America and all those who stand ready to defend our Social Security benefits.
Building this public support is very costly and can only be accomplished with the help of friends & supporters like you. Your contribution today of $10, $5, $15, or any amount will help.

Larry Hyland
Board Chairman
P.S. Please add your voice to the opposition of illegal alien amnesty and U.S. Social Security totalization with Mexico. And remember that your financial support is urgently needed in order to sustain the kind of campaign that will STOP the decision making that will turn Social Security into global welfare. Please — will you contribute $25, $50 or even $100 today?

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