Friday, October 7, 2011


Conservative American,

Rezwan Ferdaus, a Boston college grad and band drummer, 26, has been arrested and indicted on charges of plotting a terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol Building and the Pentagon. This American citizen is alleged to have intended to fly remote control airplanes into the targets.

Each "airplane" would have explosive devices aimed to the targets. , setting them on fire. As the buildings were evacuated, Ferdaus allegedly hoped to fire into the crowds with assault rifles and grenades.

This is a major "coup" for United States counter-terrorism groups. When Ferdaus started to seek fellow jihadists online, the FBI began to monitor him. Officials stress that at no time was Ferdaus outside the control of his undercover handlers. 

He now faces charges of plotting attacks and supporting a foreign terrorist organization. He has been described as a "self-radicalized jihadists," intent on attacking Americans in the United States and overseas.

His plans to carry out terrorist attacks in America helped him to facilitate Shariah Law in the United States.Another terrorist attack was thwarted inside America. Yet, Shariah Law continues its march, unabated, inside America and the legal system in the United States of America!

We must fax every Member of U.S. Congress to make them understand that their political life is at stake if they do not make an effort to STOP SHARIAH LAW from entering our U.S. court system. U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL) has introduced H.R. 973 which forbids foreign laws (including Shariah Law) from our U.S. Court system. However, there are ONLY 72 co-sponsors! Many more Congressmen must be held accountable!

RIGHT NOW - we must FAX those Congressmen who have not Co-Sponsored this bill!

CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of our U.S. Congress who has NOT Co-Sponsored H.R. 973! ELIMINATE THIS INSURRECTION called "Shariah" in our U.S. courts! 

CBS News reports that "Ferdaus was arrested after he bought what he believed to be 25 pounds of plastic explosives, three grenades and six automatic assault rifles from undercover FBI agents posing as al Qaeda operatives.

"Over the past nine months, the agents recorded multiple conversations in which Ferdaus laid out plans for an aerial attack. He bought one small drone aircraft and planned to buy others which he hoped to fill with explosives and fly into Pentagon and Capitol from a park along the Potomac River."

He also travelled to Washington to do surveillance taking photos of his targets.

Since his college degree from Northeastern University was in physics, he had the ability to construct IED's, which he did using eight cell phones. He was considered a genuine risk.

Fox News reports: "In recorded conversations, Ferdaus said he planned to attack the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol using aircraft similar to ‘small drone airplanes' that were guided by GPS equipment, officials said. The plan called for three remote-controlled aircraft to carry out the attacks, along with six other gunmen divided into two teams, with Ferdaus coordinating the operation.

"In May, Ferdaus traveled from Boston to Washington, D.C., to take photos of the Pentagon and Capitol for surveillance. He planned to launch the C4-filled aircraft from sites at the East Potomac Park, authorities allege, and an F-86 Sabre remote-controlled aircraft was delivered to Ferdaus' storage facility in August.

"'I just can't stop. There is no other choice for me,' he allegedly said."

Authorities say they gave Ferdaus many, many opportunities to back out of the plot, as they told him it would likely kill women and children. But Ferdaus never wavered in his plan, the affidavit said.

My Friend, we are in an all-out WAR for the hearts and the souls of Americans---and we must not lose this war! Shariah Law, along with its terrorist allies, including the Muslim Brotherhood, is out to take over every, every aspect of your life---yes, even here in the United States of America! 

That's why you and I must do everything within our power to stop this onslaught of Shariah Law on us in our U.S. courts and in our U.S. communities.

Globally, Shariah Law is making great strides, via the supposed "Arab Spring." Well, it is now nearly "Arab Winter" and the results are in: Shariah Law has won the hearts of a majority of those rebels (that President Obama called "Freedom Fighters" ) in many countries.

In Tunisia, the Islamic supremacist pro-Shariah part is favored in the coming elections; as well as in Egypt!

Even in Syria, Christians are backing Assad because they fear Shariah rule if Assad is knocked out of power! That's how devastating Shariah Law is---it controls EVERY area of your life. And they have set their sights on the United States and your hometown.

Shariah Law has already entered the courtroom in several United States courts. That is why it is so desperatelyURGENT that you contact every Member of the United States Congress to make sure they support H.R. 973:

CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of our U.S. Congress who has NOT Co-Sponsored H.R. 973! ELIMINATE THIS INSURRECTION called "Shariah" in our U.S. courts! 

Although presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was the first to say that he would like the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization, other candidates have followed.

Herman Cain is riding a huge wave of momentum following his surprise victory in the Florida straw poll. This comes after an impressive performance at the Orlando debate. His understanding of the radical Islamist threat must be calculated as his influence grows.

Cain was asked if the State Department would label the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, Cain's answer was, "Absolutely, yes! I don't see what the hesitation is. We can't do business with terrorists."

Shariah Law is taken hold around the world; and the United States is next!

Shariah Law must be stopped before they change YOUR way of life! Will you help to keep Shariah out of our courts system! Shariah Law must be stopped before they change your courts system! 

Shariah Law is winning in various courts in the United States of America! Shariah Law embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, which also embraces Islamic terrorism!

Islam is foremost a legal system, called Shariah. It is totalitarian and controls every aspect of one's life. YOU are already in Shariah's "sites." Shariah Law goes against the United States Constitution in every way.

Shariah Law is dedicated to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within." Unfortunately, most U.S. mosques have some kind of link to the Muslim Brotherhood. We have nothing against those who want to practice their faith---that is one of the cornerstones of what made America great. However, we will not permit a radical religious organization to take over our country; and try to circumvent our rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

I urgently need your assistance! I need you to fax every Congressman to make sure they are doing their part toELIMINATE SHARIAH LAW from our courts!!

NOW is not the time to let up. We must press forward to let every Congressman know what must be done to preserve our American way of life! Will you help us and fax today? Our courts have been penetrated and subverted by Shariah Law! Please FAX today!

CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of our U.S. Congress who has NOT Co-Sponsored H.R. 973! ELIMINATE THIS INSURRECTION called "Shariah" in our U.S. courts! 

Since President Obama will not protect us from this radical onslaught---Conservative Action Alerts (CAA) will!

We are now using all of our resources to WARN the United States of America! The heart and soul of America is at stake. The American way of life---as you and I know it---is also at stake! That's why our National Media Campaign is in full force!

In addition to crucial campaigns on FACEBOOK and GOOGLE, we have just produced a powerful television ad that will be shown in key areas, as well as on various networks and, of course, the Internet. CLICK HERE TO VIEW TV SPOT!

Help us to literally break the "LOG-JAM" of this important bill being in a Sub-Committee since March 9th---OVER ONE-HALF YEAR AGO!! Your faxes will help to raise the number of Co-Sponsors against foreign law and Shariah Law in our court system! The re-election of a Congressman must be in serious question, if they do not Co-sponsor H.R. 973!

President Obama is NOT going to stop Shariah Law. It might spoil his 80 percent "approval rating" among Muslims in the United States!

This president is the most PRO-Muslim president that American has ever had---or will ever have! Shariah Law is being introduced in the American courtroom---and you and I must fight back! That is why you must fax today!

Thank you, in advance, for your patriotic response.


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts

P. S. Will you help us to keep Shariah Law out of the U.S. Courts. We want to expand this intensive NATIONAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN to put the other House Members and U.S. Senators "ON NOTICE" that they should support this Bill, before more cities include foreign law and Shariah Law in their judicial system! 

CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of our U.S. Congress who has NOT Co-Sponsored H.R. 973! ELIMINATE THIS INSURRECTION called "Shariah" in our U.S. courts! 

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