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Dear Conservative Activists,
If you support Herman Cain for President, prepare to be outraged.
Crass political manipulation by Mitt Romney and his supporters in Florida threatens to undermine Herman Cain's chances of winning that critical early primary state.
It's all about the money. With his liberal fat cat Wall Street supporters, Mitt Romney has it in spades.

He raised $19 million in the last quarter.
Herman Cain raised just $2.8 million in the last quarter. But, his daily fund raising receipts were growing rapidly near the end of the quarter.
Mitt Romney has another serious problem— about 75 percent of Republican voters do not want him as the nominee of the party.
For over a year, every voter survey has shown Romney's support at between 20% and 25% of Republicans. Nothing more, nothing less.
The surveys also show that the vast majority of Mitt Romney's support comes from two groups--the moderate/liberal wing of the Republican Party, and those who say that they DON'T identify with the "tea party” movement.
Herman Cain's support comes from the heart and soul of the party—Ronald Reagan conservatives, and "tea party” Republicans.
The truth is that Mitt Romney is out of step with most Republicans. Since Mr. Romney ran for, and lost, the Republican Presidential nomination four years ago, we have witnessed the rise of the "tea party” movement. This time, Romney is running as a conservative, but that was not always so.
In past campaigns for Governor of Massachusetts and U. S. Senator, Romney has been FOR gun control, FOR abortion, FOR socialized medicine, FOR same-sex marriage, and FOR amnesty for illegal aliens. He says, NOW, that he has changed his views on all of those issues. But can we trust Mitt Romney to support Reagan Republican principles?
Most Republicans say no.
Despite the ups and downs of the other candidates, Mitt Romney has failed to rise above the level of support that he had a year ago.
When Donald Trump flirted with running for President, he shot up in the polls past Romney. When Trump dropped out, his support went to the other candidates or the undecided category— NOT to Mitt Romney.
When Michele Bachmann entered the race, she skyrocketed to first place, and she won the Iowa straw poll.
When Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the race, much of Michele Bachmann's support shifted to Perry, NOT to Romney, and Rick Perry took the lead in the polls.
Then, Rick Perry's poll numbers tumbled into the basement after two disastrous debate performances, but Romney's level of support DID NOT change. He failed to pick up any trace of Perry's former supporters.
Finally, Chris Christie and Sarah Palin both announced that they were not running for President, and their supporters, along with most of Perry's, stampeded over to the Herman Cain campaign.
Clearly, Republicans are looking for someone other than Mitt Romney to be the standard bearer of the party.
Herman Cain now leads Mitt Romney in the polls nationwide, and in four of the first five states that will be choosing delegates in January and early February, 2012.
Mitt Romney, and his advisers, recognized that their candidate's inability to go above 25 percent support was a serious vulnerability for their campaign.
Romney's campaign team knew that the one advantage that they had was money. But that wouldn't last forever if another candidate caught fire with the voters. A surge in support would eventually mean a surge in contributions.
To maintain their money advantage, they devised a strategy to shorten the amount of time available for fund raising before the voting began in the early states.
Unfortunately for Herman Cain, the plan worked.
Romney supporters in Florida succeeded in moving the date of the primary election fromMarch 6, 2012, to January 31, 2012.
This set off a chain reaction among the other early voting states, because they were determined to maintain their influential early positions on the calendar. As a result, Iowa,New Hampshire, and South Carolina will all select their delegates in January, before the Florida Primary takes place on January 31, 2012.
The entire early primary and caucus schedule was advanced by over a month because of the change in the Florida Primary date.
This gives Mitt Romney a significant advantage, because Herman now has 36 fewer days to raise the money necessary fund a statewide media campaign in Florida.
Florida is, by far, the largest, and most important, state in the early voting, so it is a must win for both Romney, and for Herman Cain.
Florida's population is over 18,000,000 people. It is not possible to run a statewide campaign without television and radio advertising. A media budget of $5 million, or more, will be necessary to advertise statewide for the final three weeks of the campaign.
It comes down to this. If Herman Cain wins the Florida primary, he will be well on his way to winning the nomination.
Herman Cain clearly has the momentum in Florida.
Not only did Herman trounce Romney in the recent straw poll of Republicans held at the Florida GOP convention in Orlando, he has now come out on top in two consecutive surveys done by two different polling groups. The American Research Group poll of Florida Republicans showed Herman 6 points ahead of Romney, and the NBC/Marist Poll shows Herman leading Romney by 1%.
The question is: Will Herman Cain lose because the rules were changed in the middle of the game? Will Romney's overwhelming money advantage be the deciding factor?
We don't have to let it happen. There is enough time to rally behind Herman Cain, and to help him create a winning campaign in Florida.
In consultation with experienced political pros in Florida, ones who helped elect Marco Rubio to the U. S. Senate last year, we have mapped out a strategy to help Herman Cain win the Florida primary.
A statewide media campaign must start on January 10, 2012, and run for three weeks, straight until election day on January 31st--that's less than three months away.
Our first order of business is to produce three television ads and three radio ads to promote Herman, and to contrast him with Mitt Romney. Each ad will run for one week, and each will be seen and heard by most voters a minimum of three times; your help is needed NOW!
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The cost for producing the three television ads and three radio ads will be $39,000.
The ads will be of the highest quality, and will use some of the most creative minds in the advertising field to craft a successful message to Florida Republican voters.
The sooner that we can have the ad campaign produced, the better. It will help enormously in raising the funds necessary for a full scale media campaign to have the TV and radio campaign ads to show Herman Cain supporters from around the country exactly what we intend to do in Florida to help him win.
Herman Cain cannot win Florida without our help. If he doesn't win Florida, chances are that he will not win the nomination. It's that simple, and it's that important.
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