Friday, September 2, 2011


Submitted by: Kurt J Fitsch

Please read the following article on the Muslim “No-Go” zones around the world and then go to the Islamic Village Project that is posted further on down the page.  This Islamic Village is to be built in Dallas, Texas.  Is this Islamic Village to be a type of “No-Go” zone built right here in the United States?

Then there is the issue of the Gulen-Turkish-Cosmos Foundation-Harmony Charter Schools that are using our tax dollars to indoctrinate our American children.
Some people may think that studying about Islam, the Muslims, and the Arabic language (and culture) is similar to studying Spanish, French, or German; but these people groups have not declared war on Americans, have not been involved in countless bomb plots and terrorist activities, did not fly their planes into tall buildings killing nearly 3000 innocent Americans, did not kill 13 people at Ft. Hood, have not taken over Egypt and Turkey, and do not have a Muslim Brotherhood that is stealthily infusing itself into every part of our American culture.   
Please take the time to read my 8.1.11 article, “Gulen-Led Coup -- Turkey Falls to Islamists." The U. S. media has not even reported yet on this takeover of Turkey by the Islamists, but the media in Europe and in the Middle East has.  Unfortunately, many Americans, particularly in the media, are still “asleep” to the growing threat of Islam:   

Donna Garner

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