Monday, August 29, 2011


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

We see the highest rating of U.S. citizens expressing their dissatisfaction with Congress than ever before. Surprisingly Democrats continue to hold a lead over Republicans in popularity on getting things done legislatively. I wish to address this issue and a few others and get responses to offer a true understanding.

The Republicans of the House of Representatives have done most of the things they were elected to do. They passed Bills to repeal Obamacare, stop adding to our National Debt, as well as a myriad of other stated wishes America expressed. What happened was Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader either refused to allow such Bills to be voted on in the Senate or refused to allow debate on such Bills before the Senate voted.

As an example, in February, 2011, the House passed a Bill allowing the FAA to be funded for continued operation while setting forth restrictions on spending on infrequently used airports.  When the House adjourned and went on their Summer vacation the Senate Democrats started their wailing! "Representatives went on vacation while failing to address the FAA situation. This will cost billions in tax revenues."

When the Senate realized THEIR (Democrats) error they quickly enacted the provisions of the Bill passed by the House AFTER allowing the spending on ALL airports to continue! Money wasted? MILLIONS!

The House passed Cut, Cap and Balance, to curtail governmental spending in an effort to stop ridiculous spending.l There was an earlier Bill sent to the Senate which contained legislation that cut spending, set sane goals for both MEDICARE and Social Security reformation.

What was the Senate (Democrat Majority) answer to these House Bills?

Feigned dismay, demonic denial, outright lying and ridiculing through usage of the Liberal Media to ensure no Senate passage would be realized. Their lackey, the Main Stream Media, was quick to echo their lying assertions.

After weeks of dealing with Obama attempting to come to agreement on legislation to increase the Debt Ceiling, while cutting the National Debt, Republicans were made aware of two important issues: 1. Obama was intent on ensuring a 'no resolution,' and 2. There would be no real reduction due to Senate Rules allowing legislation to be controlled by a single person! You guessed it! Harry Reid struck again!

Now the Liberal Media crows about the lack of popularity of Congress.

The Bill finally enacted accomplishes NOTHING! Not only does it accomplish nothing but establishes a Committee that is to be obeyed! The penalties of non-obedience are: 1. Revenue enhancement, and 2. Reduction of Military Expenditures!

I ask, WHERE IS THE PENALTY FOR THE LEFT? Their goals are, Tax Increase and Reduction of Military Spending! Their reward for ignoring this Committee is a gain of all they want!

To add insult to injury Obama repeatedly goes on television complaining about alack of Partisanship in the Congress! Then he has the gall to add, "I would like to see an across the board increase in revenues of 5%."

Is  America going to continue to believe that it is the entire Congress to blame for the situation we find ourselves to be faced with or will it become to be seen that it is the Democrat led Senate that is continuing to IGNORE the will of We The People? Heck, Obama has ignored us for his entire presidency!

To add taxes to anyone is not the way of Republicans. However I think those Republicans in Congress would support things that would be attractive to the U.S. Citizenry.  Reduce the allowable TAX DEDUCTION for Charitable Contributions for anyone that exceeds $200,000.00 in Gross earnings to $5,000.00 maximum and, Disallow Real Property Deductions on any property other than that wherein one resides. Businesses would continue writing off business properties.  I am certain that there are more 'common-sense' adjustments  that would stop distasteful loop-holes used to avoid payment of taxes and would hope to see other loop holes slammed shut!

In short, it IS NOT the Republicans in the House of Congress that are to be blamed. It IS those that seek to block meaningful legislation as they lay blame on others by using the Liberal Media as their stooges!

Although it may sound surprising it is true, Republicans that are expressing dissatisfaction with Congress are doing so another reason. That reason is their dissatisfaction of Obama's eligibility not being brought before the House! If that were to occur you'd see an appreciable raise in Congressional popularity! 

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